no kids allowed vending machine

Vending machines are becoming cooler (and creepier) than ever. Last week we told you about a stereotyping vending machine - now Kraft has an adult only vending machine. Yeah, not as racy as it sounds, but still kind of cool.

Basically to drive home the idea that their Jell-O Temptations dessert is for adults, not kids, the vending machine scans the users face to determine if you're an adult. If you are, you get a free sample, and if not, access is denied.

Hey, it beats the creepy old lady with chin hair giving out samples at the grocery store.

a journey into Middle-earth with Peter Jackson

If you think the trailer for The Hobbit looks ridiculously awesome, then you'll love this series of video diaries taking you behind the scenes of the production with Peter Jackson. December 2012 can't come soon enough.

cheesiest message ever

Know someone who loves cheese? Of COURSE you do, because, who doesn't love cheese?

Use Domino's new tool that lets you send a message using its new Cheesey Font - with letters created out of shredded cheese, in honor of its new cheese-filled cheesey bread.

Created by Jules Ameel at CP+B. Create and send a message here.

the big brother of checked bags

If you can't avoid carrying on your bag, and have to check your bag and pay ridiculous fees, you know there's now extra anxiety about your bag getting lost. Well fear no more with Delta's mobile app, that has multiple features, including a way to track your bag like you can track shipped packages.

To promote this feature, Delta created a video that captures the trip a suitcase takes from check-in to landing on one of their flights. A suitcase equipped with cameras takes the journey.

Whether this is accurate or just really well edited is anybody's guess, but the tracking feature is a nice bit of security when travelling.

action movie in real life

This fun, new augmented reality app from Bad Robot Interactive (yep, that's JJ Abram's Bad Robot) lets you blow up, shoot up and take out anything and anyone you want just like in an action movie. Ah if only you knew about this before the holiday - crazy family dinners would've been waaaaay more entertaining. Well, at least it will come in handy for back to work.

a labor of drawing love

12 Drawings a Day - 12 Dessins par Jour from Denis Chapon on Vimeo.

This four minute short features a series of drawings - 12, in fact ,for every day during the course of three years. That's a lot of pictures - you do the math.

It's the great work of French animator Denis Chapon, and it's an impressive display of commitment to a project.

i'll take one google doodle, please

Do you "secretly" get excited when Google changes up it's logo, but get sad when they just disappear into the black hole of the interwebs? Then fret no more - you're in luck!

Google has created a Google Doodle store where you can buy a variety of its altered logos on different items, such as t-shirts, mugs, skateboards and more.

You know you love it.

try this with your kindle

Ever think books and libraries are just obsolete technologies from our past? Artist Guy Laramee thinks about it a lot. By carving amazingly detailed landscapes into discarded books he expresses his feeling towards man's progress in society.

“Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. They erode a bit more and they become hills. Then they flatten and become fields where apparently nothing is happening. Piles of obsolete encyclopedias return to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply Is. Fogs and clouds erase everything we know, everything we think we are.”

Whoa, heavy stuff there Guy.

View more of Guy Laramee's amazing book sculptures here.

lego land

Denmark may be small but the Lego factory in Billund is anything but. With the capacity to crank out 2 million Lego pieces an hour this is the real deal Lego Land.

More photos at Design You Trust.

agency holiday video worthy of EPIC

THE EPIC SANTA DOG from Whirled Creative on Vimeo.

Many of us have started to hate agency holiday cards, videos, websites, whatever. But this one, no no, this one you CANNOT possibly hate. Santa Dog is everything awesome in one very *ahem* climactic video. Well played Whirled, well played!

enough said

A picture's worth a thousand words, and words are overrated anyway. That's why these greeting cards by designer Alessandra Mondolfi rock!

this vending machine will judge you

Although behavioral targeting can be creepy, at least it's helpful. I mean, if you have to see ads, then why not have them be things you actually give a crap about?

But targeting ads based on stereotyping what you look like? Hmm, not so sure. What exactly would a bright red haired, tattoo having, 30 something like me be interested in learning about anyway? Pretty sure they couldn't guess.

But this new vending machine concept does just that. It has a camera that scans and analyzes you, then serves you ads for the goods inside that you might be interested in purchasing... all based on how you look.


douchey-est tumblr ever

This is officially the best Tumblr of 2011 - because every agency person has heard at least 10 of these stomach-turning sentences flow out of an account person's ass - I mean mouth. Even if you're an account person guilty of such blasphemy, you have to laugh!

prevent accidental sex

Ah yes, the "it was an accident" excuse - such a valid reason for having unprotected sex. Um yeah. As you an see from these ridiculously silly short videos from MTV Germany, there are only a few situations where sex really could be an accident - like flying off your vespa right on some dudes crotch or waterskiing into a girl from behind. So unless you've been in one of these situations, wear a condom. Nice.

art, better the 2nd time around

Booooooom, an awesome blog devoted to fostering a creative community, and Adobe hosted an art "remake" contest a couple months ago and have been continuously sharing the absolutely stunning submissions on their blog. These are just a few but you can check out the rest here.

insta-oil paintings

No, these images are not photographs. They are oil paintings, created by artist Steve Mills. You read that right. Oil paintings.

It's a pretty phenomenal feat, and they are even more beautiful when you realize the painstaking work it must have taken.

Cameras everywhere are almost a little envious.

do the arcade fire boogie

Arcade Fire has released a new music video for their latest song Sprawl II, directed by Vincent Morisset.

What's unique is that they once again have made it into an interactive experience to get listeners involved in the experience. Physically. Put your dancing shoes on because when you move (or click if you're really not the dancing type), the dancers in the video move. Get your groove on with the full experience here.

adsanta makes your ad wishes come true

Do you have a specific job-related gripe, er, wish that you'd like someone (like Santa) to make happen? Have no fear, AdSanta is here!

Submit your wish (e.g. teach that INSERT JOB TITLE HERE a lesson for being an a**!), and AdSanta will take care of it, and send you a handwritten note as a follow-up. Results are sure to be amusing indeed.

Oh AdSanta, you're like the Mafia of Christmas! Thank you!

return of the garbage pail kids

If you thought Garbage Pail Kids were a thing of a by-gone 80s era, think again. The gross, freakish likeness of the otherwise cute Cabbage Patch Kids are being revived as thin protective gels that you can put on your smartphone.

Trading them as cards was one thing, but to put them on your phone? Cool, if you still have that little kid side to you that likes to be grossed out.

let's do the timehop again

With the new Facebook Timeline, it's easier to go back in time and see some of your Facebook activity from a couple year's ago. But are you curious about what you were doing on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and Instagram on year ago? Meh.

Well if you want to take a trip down short-term memory lane, you can visit Timehop and it will send you daily emails to show you your online activity that day a year ago.

Sort of like stalking yourself, but less weird? You be the judge.

smack out your holiday frustration

Just in time for the peak of the holidays, ReThink Canada has created a set of interactive videos that let's you take out your pent up festive agression through interactive videos. In these videos, you can select to whack, smash, or bash pinatas in the form of the season's main annoyances - parking, burnt food, fruit cake and in-laws included.

Take a whirl and get that frustration out and de-stress a bit.

Check out the in-laws and fruit cake videos here.

no pain, no gain, and no money

Need more motivation to get to the gym? Join the crowd.

A group of Harvard students just may have created the ultimate motivational app to get you there. The app, Gym-pact, is an app you can download, choose the number of days you aim to go to the gym a week, and a financial penalty amount - a $5 minimum. If you skip the gym, that financial penalty is automatically charged to your account. If you go, the app automatically checks you in, and you may even get a financial reward if other users don't go that week.

Launching January 1, it's here just in time for people to raise the stakes on their resolutions. You can sign-up now - if you think you can afford it.

stay the night, steal the art

In a contest with a unique twist the Art Series Hotel Group is daring you to steal their print of Banksy's legendary No Ball Games from one of their Australian locations. If you get caught you'll have to surrender the art. But if you succeed, the print valued at AUS $15,000 ($14,977 US) is yours to keep.

The original No Ball Games was itself part of an infamous heist in which the thieves removed a piece of wall using angle grinders. The piece of wall along with Banky's art eventually made it's way onto an Ebay Auction.

No Ball Games will be hanging in one of 3 Art Series Hotels until January 15th or someone snags it. So book your trips down under now and don't forget to pack your ski mask!


UPDATE: While people in North America were sleeping a crafty thief named Maura Tuohy and her accomplice Megan Aney stole No Ball Games. A second Banksy original “Pulp Fiction” valued at $4000 AUS is now hanging. You have until January 19th to steal it. More Info here.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up.

powered by christmas spirit eh...

And what's Christmas spirit powered by ? No not Santa Claus, It's powered by Canadian Tire (Americans, it's a store like Sears). The mega Canadian retailer is spreading holiday cheer at Toronto's Union Station by erecting the first ever Christmas tree powered by Christmas Spirit.

Canadian Tire has developed a sophisticated program that scours the internet for every Christmas message, tweet, blog post, news story, or forum post that is shared online and converts it into a lighting experience. The more that's shared the stronger the spirit and the brighter and more exciting the display.

There's even live video feed, so share your holiday messages now!

the gloomiest place on earth

Just 45 minutes from Beijing lies the remains of Wonderland. The unfinished amusement park was meant to be the biggest in Asia and China's answer to Disneyland. Now 10 years after construction stopped due to disagreements over property prices photographer David Grey visited to capture the remains as they lay in state.

draw on down the road

This is super simple, but super cool.

Every year Progressive insurance commissions an artist to interpret their annual report themes. This is the execution for this year, called The Single Lane Super Highway by artist Aaron Koblin- a fun little website where visitors draw their own car and watch it drive on down the road continuously.

There are currently 7,000 cars on the highway now, why don't you join them?

infographic: an agency emergency

Truer words have never been put into an infographic. There's not an agency person out there that hasn't experienced this agency breakdown in the (all too often) "emergency" situation. Ah yes, step 2 is my absolute favorite.

2011 - lookin' good in Legos

Ahhh, here we are just about at year-end and so begins the barrage of year in review lists. Sure, while the annual Google Zeitgeist is interesting and all, the year looks far more exciting when done in Legos. Doesn't everything really?

look out - santa's now on twitter

Santa has finally caught up with the times, and he's sending out personalized messages via Twitter and YouTube.

European company 02 (part of Telefonica) launched the campaign, created by their PR agency Hope & Glory, for the holiday season. You can tweet an exact message you'd like delivered by Santa using hashtag #02santa, and that message will be delivered back to you from Santa which you can then share. (Santa, please read: You're awesome and have been the nicest, best behaved person in the world this year, and you kick a**).

But Hurry! If you want a personalized message from Santa before Christmas, you need to tweet him today!

facebook stalk your seatmate

Wonder who you're going to get stuck next to on your flight? Wonder no more. Dutch airline company, KLM, is launching a way to stalk strangers by allowing you to see the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of people on your flight, so you can check them out when picking your seat while checking in online. And luckily you can keep your profiles private if you don't want strangers stalking you.

But that lady, the one that posts way to frequently on Facebook? Yeah. Avoid her. She'll talk your ear off the whole flight.

Via Creativity.

now your cat can tweet

The cobra that escaped the Bronx Zoo in New York started tweeting, so why can't your cat? Now it can with Kitty Twitty cat toy. Well, it sort of can.

This toy is designed to entice cats to play with it, and every time they do, it sends you a tweet - a virtual little 'hey' from your cat. The only hitch is that it is a DIY project you put together yourself, but I believe if this went into mass production, it would be a hit.

If your cat could actually tweet, what would it say? (Maybe: Hey, Cheezburger network - I know how to spell.)

nice cleavage man!

Push up bras do magical things for women... and apparently for men too! Yep, if you've been drooling over the gorgeous model in this pict, she is a he - a well known androgynous male model named Andrej Pejic. And Andrej is 100% guy without implants, yet his chest looks nice and perky in these ads for HEMA (a retail chain in the Netherlands). That's because their pushup bras are THAT good. Just a brilliant campaign by Doom & Dickson.

they make poop sound good

Warning, this video contains poop. Lots of poop. Cow poop to be exact. So what kind of company would create a video with so much cow poop? The answer is completely ridiculous and surprising, so much that it actually makes it kind of good. In a sea of cheesy creative agency/company self promo videos, you gotta appreciate the ones that gets it right.

fast food made easier

BrandTable Concept from S_Digital on Vimeo.

So, not sure whether to file this new app concept under awesomely convenient or just another thing that's going to make us fatter and lazier. Regardless, it's a pretty smart creation from Adverblog's Tim Buesing.

Just tap your phone on the circles on a table in, say, a mall food court or rest stop to launch the menus for all the restaurants nearby. From there, you can order and even pay for your meal and get buzzed when it's ready to pick up.

It's a keeper - but maybe we could just order a diet soda to make up for the calories we would've burnt taking a few laps around the court?

fuggedaboutit this art exhibition

A new exhibition will open on December 15 in New York, displaying letterpress artwork inspired by things people overhear on the streets of New York City. If you've ever been in New York, you know the variety of colorful things that could be overheard in a single day, so this should be interesting.

The exhibit, dubbed New York Types is brought to you by New York Writes Itself, a project begun by Leo Burnett

If you can't make it to New York while, you can check out a bunch of the prints here, and they're available for pre-sale. Who knew the rants and raves of angry New Yorkers could be so inspiring?

share brilliant creative ideas with brilliant creatives

Do you feel like you're in a creative rut, and could use some inspiration outside of your work and life? iStockphoto has created a site, Feast, that they believe will act as a community for creatives to come together, share ideas and get inspired through online events, content sharing, live chats, and more. There's even a mentorship program featuring artists and creatives every month to help bestow morsels of genius to proteges. Every month is a new theme, so you'll always be challenged to think in a new way.

What better site to try and build such a community than a source most creatives turn to for inspiration anyway?

this s#*! is hilarious

The humorous twitter account @shitgirlssay tweeted that the first of several episodes in an online mini series, based on their account, is live, and it's already blowing up (ZOMG!).

For good reason, too - it's pretty spot on and hilarious (agree to disagree). Hopefully TV execs won't pick this up and ruin it like they did with S#*! My Dad Says. Some things should just be left online.

Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Just watch, it, k?

behind the great wall infographic

This infographic from G+(no, not Google+) explores the platforms millions (500 million to be exact) of Chinese are using to connect with from behind the governments Great Fire Wall of China. That' right, no Google, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and gasp, no Twitter in China. What's driving this social media revolution and how much digital goodness they are consuming.

what does this button do?

Do you like blow stuff up? If you're an Old Spice man the answer must be, "of course I do." The more devastating the explosion the better, no? Well times a wasting, start blowing stuff up now at!

Thanks Devin.

if comic sans ruled the world...

You can thank Microsoft designer Vincent Connare for unleashing Comic Sans on the world back in 1994. But did you know the font was based on the hand lettering in the Comic book The Dark Knight Returns?

I bet you'll finally learn to appreciated the awesomeness that is Helvetica after seeing your favorite brand logos ruined by the Comic Sans Project.

Via Copyranter.

killing in the name of marketing?

I'm sure all of us in marketing have had a moment (or ten) in our careers where we stopped and thought about the not-so-good-for-you products we've hacked onto people with clever or sly campaigns. But the marketers at Droga5 in New Zealand may have gone a little too far with this one.

To put Turtle Beach's line of gaming audio gear to test in the real world they sent an avid, professional Kiwi gamer (of war games) to Iraq. To be part of a real war. And have a real chance at be killed. With real guns and bombs. Uhhh. Yeah.

today it was a good day for LA

TBWA/Chiat/Day wanted to promote Southern California art collaboration project Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945 - 1980, so they recruited some of SoCal's finest: rapper Ice Cube, actor Jason Schwartzman and Red Hot Chili Pepper's Anthony Kiedas to help pimp it out. And, this isn't just random celeb endorsement either. Ice Cube actually studied architectural drafting before he became a rapper. Who knew? Here's the series of videos that was the result. Pretty cool!

a portrait of a life

Videorative Portrait of Randall Okita from Sergio Albiac on Vimeo.

When artist Sergio Albiac set out to do a portrait of filmmaker Randall Okita, he wanted to express so much more than just his face or superficial emotion - he wanted to express his life, his memories, his work, his relationships. So to do this Alibiac collected video clicks of Okita's life and tagged them with keywords to express the meaning of the videos. He then used a tool to create a digital painting from those clips. This beautifully original video "painting" was the result.

art app is in the eye of the beholder

You're visiting a new city, and you know you should squeeze some culture into your day, but have no idea where to go or what to see. Easy. Just check the new ArtSpotter app on your iPhone (Android version coming soon).

This app makes the art world more accessible, letting you check for interesting art nearby, add exhibits with photos, and add recommendations. And it's not just for museums and galleries, but is inclusive of street art, fairs, and anything art-related. All at the quick touch of a button, and you can essentially use it anywhere in the world.

It launched in London, but is sure to grow quickly in use and content, and is a great leap forward into the digital world for art.

making cauliflower adorably irresistible

Some may call this branding. Others may call it brilliance.

Black Squid Designs in Australia were presented with a brief to design packaging for cauliflower - a vegetable that's often considered boring and bland. While some people may roll their eyes and resent having to do this (cauliflower? what can you do with cauliflower?), the team at Black Squid met the brief head on and what came out was awesome.

They selected 4 familiar names to put on the packaging to give them personality and make them more endearing to consumers. The packaging also has a brief description about the character of each cauliflower (Doris is a little shy - aww), with a suggestion on interesting ways to use it in your cooking.

I now have a hankering to adopt - er, eat cauliflower.

a kitty a day...

As we've seen, catvertising works. And during the holidays, what better way to employ them than in a holiday Catvent calendar? (Advent calendars are so hot right now.)

Big Fuel and the Humane Society in New York created the calendar, revealing a new cat a day in December. The hitch? The cats are adoptable! And they get a little candy cane on their photo once they've been adopted. Some lucky people are getting kitties as presents this year. If you're not in a place to adopt one, you can just make simple donation to the Humane Society.

Or just enjoy the daily kitty eye candy.

a periodic table that smells like piss (nsfw)

Periodic Table of Swearing from Clay Interactive Ltd on Vimeo.

You've all been there - it's one of those days where you want to just curse at your co-workers, clients, bank, or whoever, in the most succinctly articulate way.

If only you had your own personal Periodic Table of Swearing - an actual table to turn to. With buttons that exclaim profanities in a british accent when pushed, it's the most polite way to get your anger out. And study it - you could learn a few new swears in the process.

This is an art project, but seriously should be made in a pocket-sized version or into an iPhone app. If you don't agree, then you should just sod off.

catwalk of shame

Most of the fashion ads out for the holidays kinda suck. Overly pretty, boyish men and skinny girlish women making weird faces at the camera in some mansion while a mysterious fan blows in their face. Blah.

That's why this ad for retailer Harvey Nichol's by DDB London is so refreshing. The ad playfully follows women of all shapes and sizes wearing their "going out" clothes from the night before, clearly taking the embarrassingly relatable walk of shame. Up until the last woman who is so stylish she can take her walk of shame with pride... because she shops at Harvey Nichol's of course. Nice.

a list of awesome lists

Even creative geniuses create lists to remember or organize information. This wonderful website by Shaun Usher called List of Notes proves it with handwritten notes from well-known people, like this note handwritten by Kurt Cobain for the Smells Like Teen Spirit video and the original casting list for the Godfather handwritten by Francis Ford Coppola. There's a lot more awesomeness where these came from.

a knife that's more hardcore than you

KA-BAR knives knows it's consumer (and target consumer), which is evident by their latest campaign "Hardcore Lives. Hardcore Knives." that is aimed at men who are into hunting, fishing, the great outdoors, and who are in the military.

To illustrate this, they have 3 videos on their new website that depict real stories from consumers, through animated what? That's right - through animated tattoos.

Cause if you don't have a KA-BAR knife and a tattoo, you're not hardcore. Duh.

your link will self-destruct in 3...2...

Do you have sensitive personal information (like a password, million-dollar idea, or maybe rather questionable photos) that you want to share with someone, but don't want it getting into the wrong hands?

Use One Time Secret, a site that let's you create links to share information, which are then deleted forever after one view. Leaving no digital trail. It's the future of digital information sharing.

If only your computer would create a 'thud' and a puff of smoke when a link self-destructed, it would be complete.

is the carrot mightier than the stick?

In an age like today where consumers and citizens feel increasingly upset with how things are (Wall Street, government, baggage fees, just to name a few...), protesting and boycotting seem like the way to go.

Carrotmob is changing that mentality. It's a site that is harnessing people together to use what really makes a difference - dollars. Rather than threatening to withhold money from a company, Carrotmob allows a group of people to come together and promise to spend their dollars with a company IF they make a change that they are demanding. It seems like a smart way to empower people to incite change for the better.

Now your cynical side may be saying, how do you know the company actually uses that money for the items it promised to do? On that, it's not clear, but there should definitely be a way to hold companies accountable for their promises, or maybe it's time to try and restore a little faith in humanity and corporations. (Insert sarcastic laugh.)

making safety look cool

New York is an awesome place. An awesome place with danger lurking at every corner if you ignore some very basic safety rules. So, in case you forget, this super cool (minus the QR codes) New York City public safety campaign called Curbside Haikus by John Morse will remind you... and entertain you all at once. Who says public safety has to be boring?

how not to be roadkill

We've all seen the jackasses that text away on their cell phone as they unknowingly bump into you, trip on the curb, or walk into a poll, fountain, sign or one of a thousand different obstructions that normal people never run into. And frighteningly enough, some of them even walk right into oncoming traffic as they cross the street.

Well, this new Android app called WalkSense may put a kink in Darwin's theory, alerting said Jackasses to oncoming traffic so they can get out of the way without missing an OMG or WTF. Actually sensing an oncoming car, the app will vibrate and beep to alert the user - although it only works right now for the direction your phone is pointed in, so if I were you, I'd put the phone down and look both ways.

a living room turns awesome

According to PlayStation, this video of a dudes living room transforming is 100% real with no edits, no special effects, no nothing.... nothing but awesomeness. Starting with projection mapping, this video was amplified with the help of the PlayStation move controller. Wow, impressive!

NYC, meet the great outdoors

REI launched an out of home campaign, using augmented reality, to promote its new store in NYC. The campaign was created by BBDO Atlanta.

A series of posters were displayed all around the city, with messages that speak to NYC dwellers on getting out and discovering the great outdoors. Taking it a step further, users can download an AR app to explore different awe-inspiring outdoor scenes when held up to the posters, immediately exporting the viewer outside the concrete jungle. The app also provides recommendations on nearby outdoor activities and adventures urbanites can pursue, if they feel so inspired.

Just as long as they don't forget to visit the new REI store before they head out, that is.

It's a seamless integration of AR into an out of home print campaign, and great use of a local marketing campaign.

this snowman is so (not) hot

Ready to waste some time? Check out this holiday site where you can rate snowmen using the old 'hot or not' rating system. Kind of hilarious.

Happy Holidays! From Target.

scorsese's take on living creatively

(Click here for a larger image)

Fast Company has created an editorial feature called "How to Lead a Creative Life," a guide to helping you discover how to leverage your inner genius to live to your fullest creatively.

The guide features an interview with Martin Scorsese, and his picks of 5 groundbreaking directors and fictional characters that could all teach us a little something on how to live our creative lives to the fullest. And to go along with the content, they created an infographic to help illustrate when and why you should read the guide.

There's a lot of content there, but check it out - there could be some great take aways from such a film legend. At the very least, the infographic can provide a couple seconds of entertainment.

nod your head if you like this

Red Bull has a new online racing game out called Formula Face that uses your face as the control. Turn with head nods to the left and right, make faces for bonus points, turboboost by squinting. Yep, you look like a real dumb-ass doing it, but it's so freakin' awesome it doesn't matter.

are you my daddy?

You can add bumps, ribs, and tingly lotions to condoms to try and get guys to think their awesome. You can put free dispensers in bars and dorms to get them to use them when the moment's right. Or, you can scare the crap out of them with a good laugh like Brazilian condom brand, Olla, tried to do.

Olla hand selected dudes on Facebook, then created fake baby profiles with their name (just adding Jr. to it) and sent them friends requests from the baby's account.

Unfortunately the joke is revealed immediately, losing some of the scare tactic, but it's definitely a clever way to create some buzz on Facebook in a way no one has done before.

print ads from mars and venus

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and ads for each target should be too, as illustrated by such campaigns as Molson beer's latest print ads that has a playful 'he said, she said' execution:

One print ad ran in women's publications, such as Cosmo, that featured a blonde, rugged, outdoorsy male holding two golden retriever puppies and drinking a Molson. (*Aaaw* and *swoon*.)

A corresponding ad ran in men's publications, like FHM, that spoke to men on a level that explained the objective of the women's ad: to subliminally train women to be attracted to men drinking Molson - a golden retriever puppy Pavlovian response if you will. (Molson to men: you're welcome.)

Even though it plays off complete stereotypes of each gender, it's a pretty funny take on duel-demographic marketing.
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