you're gonna eat THAT?!

The Eatery: Massive Health Experiment #01 from Massive Health on Vimeo.

Sometimes we need others to help us eat healthy and stay on track. Other times we just want to eat our steak, pasta, wine and cheesecake alone in peace, so just back off, k?

Either way, this cool new app called The Eatery from health start-up Massive Health lets you take pictures of your meals for others to rate and comment on. Eventually the app gets smart about what you've been eating to determine patterns, habits, successes and areas of opportunity.

Super cool idea of how apps can help you make healthier choices based on your life and your decisions and not some text book crap. But honestly, I'm not sure I could handle the truth. You?

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At 5:50 AM, Anonymous timberland schoenen said...
Si beau, je l'aime.  

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