a wristband to lay the smackdown

They say the more aware you're of your habits (good and bad) the more you're likely to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. But keeping track of all the crap is a lot of work - take your vitamins, eat 1,400 calories, exercise for 30 minutes, stretch, sleep for 8 hours. Seriously, who the heck can keep track?

Well, not only does this awesome wristband from Jawbone keep track of your daily exercise and sleep (or lack thereof), but it also lets you take photos of your food and log your meals on the accompanying iPhone app. And, the wristband vibrates when you've been too sedentary or when it's time to wake up in the morning.

All that plus a whole gamification aspect that allows you to beat challenges and see what you're friends are doing so you can compete with them (or simply try to keep up).

The best part though is that it's not some awesome idea waiting to be funded - you can get "Up" now for $99.99 on the Jawbone website just in time for a season filled with stuffing your face and sitting on the couch!

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