Friday, November 18, 2011
how an old-school toy does technology

Being an old-school toy like LEGO has to be challenging in a tech toy world. And being a marketer whose job it is to somehow bring modern technologies (like mobile) to the brand without taking "play time" away from the toy they're actually trying to sell must be even harder.

But, in line with LEGO's typical genius, this new iphone app manages to integrate the toy into the technology. Just pick up the Life With George product in stores (starring their likeable little software engineer, George) and download their app.

Then, let the fun begin! The app times you in various build challenges on their special board. When you're done, just snap a picture and submit it for an official timestamp, rating and feedback. And of course, like any good mobile app, they bring gamification in by letting you compete against other players.

Oh LEGOs, why do you rock so?

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