#dontbealoudtalker - here's why

Recently on a morning radio talkshow (yes - you read that right), the topic of conversation was how annoying loud talkers in public spaces are – especially at restaurants where you’re trying to enjoy a meal without being disrupted by a stranger while learning every detail of their dramatic life. Most people seemed to agree.

Then this happened - a guy named Andy Boyle live tweeted a young couple's heated argument at a Burger King, with video sound clips and all.

These tweets are voyeurism at its best (?), and a scary reminder of how invasive our smartphones and social media can be. Oh, and a great example of why you shouldn't a.) be a loud talker in public and disrupt those around you, and b.) argue in public - it's awkward for everyone and could get documented on Twitter.

Once you start reading this trust me – you won’t be able to turn away. You’ll want to, but you won’t.

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