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We're all guilty of complaining on Twitter every once and a while. Sometimes it's just nice to post some ambiguous rant about your boss, client or mother knowing they'll never see it because they're not on Twitter. But it's those chronic complainers you'd just like to erase from your stream. It's Twitter, not therapy people!

Well, Mentos thought they'd lend a helping hand by creating a Negative Tweet Eliminator app that erases real negative tweets with things like #FML, #FAIL or hate. This is done with the help of a stereo-typical floating hippy and some mystical music. Oooo. What's impressive is it's actually pulling in Tweets in real time and deleting them in the video.

Although the execution is a bit cheesy and annoying, the concept is a noble attempt at doing something different!

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At 5:49 AM, Anonymous pas cher survetement said...
J'ai cann't plus d'accord.  

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