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Facebook apps that scan your profile and tell you something about yourself were fun for a little while, but the novelty has warn off some. However, this one, called Social Life Audit from Ultimat Vodka, has a cool little twist.

Rather than scanning for your online social life, it scans for your real life social life by looking at your check-ins, photos and photo tags and grades your real social life.

The result is a nifty infographic that tells you things like percent of check-ins at work vs. play, how many of the friends tagged in your photo are single and how many are the opposite sex (you playa, you), even the average amount of estimated cash you spend out using BlackBook.

So it's Friday, go throw down a few glasses of vodka and work on upping that playa score!

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  • Breakfast of Friday, November 18, 2011 8:08 AM
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