unicorns - so hot right now

While we're not on the topic, it has to be noted that unicorns are popping up everywhere.

From unicorn poop to a unicorn flash game, to an ad agency in Denver showing a unicorn, uh, defecating diamonds to illustrate what they do for their clients, they're all over the place. What’s next? Keyboard unicorn?

Points to Juicy Fruit for being a little ahead of the game with their "Happy Birthday" unicorn.

You don’t have to use them in your campaigns to be relevant right now, but just sayin – keep an eye on these guys.


Amy said...

And there's an iPhone app! http://mashable.com/2009/12/13/younicornme-iphone/

Maybe you should be a unicorn for Halloween.

Maria said...

Well, that's kinda random...

Maria xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing attention to the hard-working unicorns in the entertainment & advertising industries! <:-)

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