state farm wreaks havoc on your home

State Farm launched a new site that really hits home. Literally.

State Farm brings the destructive robot from a recent ad to your neighborhood, with Google street view integration, to create a custom video of the robot destroying your block and home. The hope is that you'll be so shell-shocked and paranoid about what you just witnessed, you'll all an agent immediately (they provide you with the info) to protect your assets.

Or you can just share the carnage with your friends.

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At 9:47 PM, Blogger Jimbo said...
I don't work in the ad world at all (I'm in international development but I work a lot in "knowledge management" and engaging culturally diverse counterparts (who are increasingly very media/Internet savvy anyway). So I think brandflakesforbreakfast totally rocks. It really fills niches, makes connections and gives the rest of us not in the ad world inspiration. So thanks and by the way the State Farm app, though not perfect is pretty funny for family and friends.  

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