in a zombie preparedness aisle near you

Ok, yes, it's another ad/marketing campaign from a brand trying to be cool by association with zombies. But unlike the Sears spot we recently covered, this one's actually pretty clever.

Visit the Westlake Hardware website, rollover the specialties dropdown and you'll see Zombies at the bottom of a list of the things you'd expect to see on a hardware store website. You can select whether you are a zombie or a human to find all the tools and information you'll need to survive the Zombiepocolypse.

Not sure what to do with all these tools, then simply check out their help center for questions and answers to aid in your survival.

And of course stay up to date on the latest Zombiepocolypse news in their breaking news section filled with Zombierific videos including their violent protest against the store.

Try and find that at your local big box store, psh!

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