he lost some f@%kin weight!

The formula for diet commercials is getting pretty tired. Woman on white background talks about how much better she feels now that she's thin, a gratuitous before picture slaps onto the screen, woman does some sort of arms in the air dance as power music plays in the background. Snore.

But finally a weight loss brand grew a pair and did something totally real and pretty damn funny! Enter this Funny or Die video with comedian Lenny Clarke talking frankly about how he feels about his recent weight loss thanks to Weight Watchers.

So what are the many things he can enjoy now that he's thin? Apparently now his wife wants to eff him, he can see his man candy when he looks down and he doesn't sweat like an effing pig. All good things that might motivate one to join Weight Watchers, without the same old lame ad.

Nice move Weight Watchers!

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