have zombies jumped the shark?

Let's face it, we all love zombies. But it seems lately they've become pretty played out on TV, the internet, commercials... pretty much everywhere. But it's not until they appear in a Sears commercial that one might be able to officially conclude that they have, in fact, jumped the shark. This spot by EuroRSCG offers to give zombies a beauty makeover, likely to promote their whole "more than just appliances and tools" message. So the question is: does this make Sears now cooler by association or zombies now uncool by association? Discuss.


Jacey Berg said...

If the latest Edible Arrangements Halloween ad is an indicator, zombies have indeed jumped the shark. "Really, a zombie? What is that? 4 years in a row?"
Let's bring back Frankenstein's Monster!

jason walker said...

We've got Zombies of sort in the UK with a really terrible set of ads for Phones 4U that I wouldn't even post onto the site they are that bad. And a tagline that's even worse.

Halloween has a lot to answer for!

whitney said...

I can't believe how bad that spot is; the acting, the production, the writing, the necklace.
wonder what the next played out persona will be: pirates--->ninjas--->zombies--->conquistadors???

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