gettin' slizzard with Google

All you need to do is take one look at texts from last night to know alcohol and technology don't mix... but this may be the exception.

Google already does search, video, social networking, mobile, food reviews, so why the hell wouldn't they try beer?! Ok, well, they're not exactly going into the beer business, but some Google employees are, along with the folks at Dogfish Head, and they're using everything Google to help promote it as you'll see in this video.

So what exactly does Google taste like? Well, apparently it tastes like a bunch of awesome ingredients from around the world including honey from their own headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

The beer is called Urkontinent and it's on tap at Dogfish Head now, in hopes of making the cut for national distribution. Move over PBR, this could be the new hipster's choice.

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