he lost some f@%kin weight!

The formula for diet commercials is getting pretty tired. Woman on white background talks about how much better she feels now that she's thin, a gratuitous before picture slaps onto the screen, woman does some sort of arms in the air dance as power music plays in the background. Snore.

But finally a weight loss brand grew a pair and did something totally real and pretty damn funny! Enter this Funny or Die video with comedian Lenny Clarke talking frankly about how he feels about his recent weight loss thanks to Weight Watchers.

So what are the many things he can enjoy now that he's thin? Apparently now his wife wants to eff him, he can see his man candy when he looks down and he doesn't sweat like an effing pig. All good things that might motivate one to join Weight Watchers, without the same old lame ad.

Nice move Weight Watchers!

in a zombie preparedness aisle near you

Ok, yes, it's another ad/marketing campaign from a brand trying to be cool by association with zombies. But unlike the Sears spot we recently covered, this one's actually pretty clever.

Visit the Westlake Hardware website, rollover the specialties dropdown and you'll see Zombies at the bottom of a list of the things you'd expect to see on a hardware store website. You can select whether you are a zombie or a human to find all the tools and information you'll need to survive the Zombiepocolypse.

Not sure what to do with all these tools, then simply check out their help center for questions and answers to aid in your survival.

And of course stay up to date on the latest Zombiepocolypse news in their breaking news section filled with Zombierific videos including their violent protest against the store.

Try and find that at your local big box store, psh!

cliffnotes meets twitter meets book club

A new social network, website, app, thingy called Findings.com is sort of like taking key highlights of a book like cliffnotes, sharing it in digestible doses and organizing trends like Twitter and combining it with a book club like discussion to create one very awesome idea!

Created by author Steven Johnson, Findings.com allows people to clip, store, organize, share and comment on quotes/highlights from any electronic or web based book.

What's not to love?

infographic: the truth about agency peeps

This infographic on the anatomy of an agency seriously rules and will make you LOL a little in your pants. Pretty damn accurate too... though I envision the account people as the ones with handguns. What? Yeah I said it.

your costume is not ok

S*T*A*R*S, an anti-racism group at Ohio University, created a campaign called "We're a Culture, Not a Costume" to get people to rethink dressing up as ethnic stereotypes for Halloween.

Sure, you can't deny they have a valid point, but when left to the devices of internet geeks with some photoshopping skills, this otherwise serious campaign has now turned into a pretty hilarious series of parodies that have become insanely viral.

Hey Daleks and Dracula don't like to be stereotyped either. Equality for all, man.

halloween for hipsters?

Whether you love or hate all that is hipster, you cannot possibly deny the awesome hilarity of this Tumblr called Halloween or Williamsburg. So can you guess which ones are costumes and which are actual hipsters? Um yeah, not so easy to tell.

the evolution of the like button

Advertising agency HDG Azores created an ad campaign showing a timeline of the evolution of the like button to illustrate the message: We have liked helping Terceira island for the past 500 years.

Clever concept and fun use of Facebook within print.

a beeri from siri

Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

A couple of guys at Red Pepper have created an interesting way to use Siri - to get them a beer.

They created a Twitter account which they can text Tweet the message "pour" to through Siri. This triggers a remote control truck to drive into a sharp dagger that punctures a can of beer, which is poured into a glass. Somewhat complicated, but it gets the job done.

What else can Siri be commanded to do?

give your creativity a boost

Feeling uninspired on a project? Need something to boost your creativity? Creativerecharge.com is here to help.

A site created by Creative Circus, it features a couple students who are posing as a Creative, Copywriter and Developer. You select what level of recharging you need for each person, and then sit back and watch.

Warning: it is a little improv-y, but there's something to the idea.

zombies get the axe

Does Axe smell so good that it would make girls fall for zombies? The brand likes to think so.

They've created a short yet entertaining video for Halloween that starts off like any other horror movie, with a surprise ending that reinforces their overall branding message that women find Axe irresistible.

Zombies everywhere are rejoicing.

the forbidden (but clean) fruit

It's things like this invention that make you think, it's so simple, yet so brilliant, why hasn't it been done yet?

Scott Amron has created a label for apples and other fruit that turns into soap when wet. Ridding your fruit of all the bad stuff on there. And you don't have to scrape off the sticky residue of other labels.

Talk about an ingenious product innovation. Dole or other fruit companies better already be banging on this Amron's door.

breaking up is hard - uh, easy to do

It's easy to do if your bank is Bank of America, and you think their $5 debit card fee is just crossing the line and an indication that you no longer see eye to eye.

Defendyourdollars.org is trying to rally consumers against Bank of America and they're asking consumers to submit break-up videos on their website to send a message to BofA to avoid making a huge mistake.

The video above is a compilation of some videos they've received to date.

the beetle gets some AR juice

For the launch of the new VW beetle, they've created an Augmented Reality app that brings their out of home advertising to life. Once you hold the app up to the ads, the car is animated and AR video plays an interpretation of the tag lines.

Check out the video to see a couple clips of the app at work, or if you'd rather wait to see if you pass one of their ads and feel motivated to download the app to view it first-hand, go right ahead.

barking up the right ego

Appealing to New Yorkers' egos that they are in fact REAL New Yorkers? Brilliant.

The NYC Department of Health is doing just that in their latest ad campaign to get pet owners to license their pets officially to give them street cred.

But then again, if you're a true New Yorker, you already knew that. And did it.

a sunburn for your t-shirt

Everyone knows you shouldn’t be in the sun too long, or at least put on sunscreen. To raise awareness of the damages of UV rays, Advico Y&R created t-shirts that turns bright red with increased sun exposure for a sun lotion brand. Clever.

Another brand that could use this tactic? Sunkist.

unicorns - so hot right now

While we're not on the topic, it has to be noted that unicorns are popping up everywhere.

From unicorn poop to a unicorn flash game, to an ad agency in Denver showing a unicorn, uh, defecating diamonds to illustrate what they do for their clients, they're all over the place. What’s next? Keyboard unicorn?

Points to Juicy Fruit for being a little ahead of the game with their "Happy Birthday" unicorn.

You don’t have to use them in your campaigns to be relevant right now, but just sayin – keep an eye on these guys.

5 years of sharing. 1 epic infographic.

Ever wonder what site people share content on the most? Client ever ask when the best time is to put content up to be shared? Wonder why the hell anyone uses share buttons when they can copy and paste links? This helpful little infographic will answer all those questions running through your social media obsessed little head based on hard data from AddThis. Handy!

awesomeness in pencil

PencilHead from qwaqa on Vimeo.

This pencil animation by Qwaqa is freakin' EPIC. You're welcome for blowing your mind this Monday morning.

ads for the worst things ever

It's Monday so it's likely you might be experiencing one of these worst things ever featured in this series of hilarious ads created by Cracked Readers. Hey, we make ads for all sorts of ridiculous things, so why not these?

Detroit is still very alive...

People Mover from 4exit4 on Vimeo.

...and awesome, as it would seem from this super cool short film by 4exit4 called People Mover featuring 24 artists performing in one day on the Detroit People Mover train.

the united states of scary

Love this map created by Pleated Jeans of the scariest things in each state, though I can think of some scarier things about Connecticut than Zombie Ralph Nader.

free stuff, yours for the taking!

Being in the agency world has it's benefits - like killer swag from your clients. Or lame swag, but hey, free shit is free shit so stop complaining. Well, apparently Red Tettemer & Partners' swag closest was overflowing so they decided to give it away to peeps on their Facebook page on a first come, first serve basis. Yep, that's it, just say you want it first and it's yours! And a lot of the swag doesn't suck either - check it out fast before the vultures move in!

the netflix of indie films

Like indie films? Tired of Hollywood remakes? You're in luck.

Prescreen.com is a site offering you the chance to preview and rent a variety of lesser known, but great quality, indie films. Most films are only available for 60 days, and they offer a discount them for a small fee if you rent and stream it in the first part of those 60 days. And you get rewarded for sharing the films with your friends.

Already it sounds like a better selection of movies than Netflix’s Insta Queue selection. (Thankskilling anyone? Ok – that one might be so bad it’s good). It's a new way to discover good, quality, original films.

snap that app ad

Certain iPhone apps are being promoted out of home to encourage users to download them - if they haven't already. Rather than creating a regular old QR code that will take people directly to the app, they can scan clever, custom codes that uses images relevant to the app itself to compose the code.

Check out the custom codes for Angry Birds, Instagram and Shazaam.

be careful what you flush

Anglian Water created a spectacular 3D light show that brings a building facade to life to illustrate the importance of not putting waste - like fats, oils, and other bad products - down your drains. You know it's bad, but now you can visually see the impact of doing it.

Their new website and Facebook app also help make it easier for you to learn what not to do with personalized tips, and how to keep your drains clean and help the environment.

have zombies jumped the shark?

Let's face it, we all love zombies. But it seems lately they've become pretty played out on TV, the internet, commercials... pretty much everywhere. But it's not until they appear in a Sears commercial that one might be able to officially conclude that they have, in fact, jumped the shark. This spot by EuroRSCG offers to give zombies a beauty makeover, likely to promote their whole "more than just appliances and tools" message. So the question is: does this make Sears now cooler by association or zombies now uncool by association? Discuss.

infographic of facebook failure

Anthony J. D'Angelo (and probably many others) once said, "In order to succeed you must fail, so you know what not to do the next time." According to this infographic showcasing some well-know Facebook fails throughout the years, Facebook must have learned a whole lot. Interestingly, the infographic seems to imply that these failures point to an impending doom for Facebook, but I tend to subscribe to Mr. D'Angelo's quote - hey, at least Facebook is not afraid to try stuff, as lame or annoying as some of it was.

Facebook Failures [ Facebook Infographic ]

how print does sound

Sure it would've been easy for Shera, a sound-proof wall provider, to create a funny video showcasing how their walls keep out undesirable sounds that might be emanating from your neighbors space, but using print to do the same thing took far more creativity. Using something as old as comic strip blurts, Ogilvy Thailand brilliantly brings to life the various noises one might have to deal with and the effectiveness of their product. Love it!

an app to rate everything. EVERYTHING.

Wish you could rate your garbage and share how stinky it is? Because you know everyone in your life wants to know that. Everyone.

Get Jotly, an app that let's you rate everything. So stink it up and rate it.

Well – not actually because (surprise!) it’s not a real app. But you know you’d buy it if it was. And it's probably not that far off from becoming a reality. If anything, it makes for an amusing video.

turn your phone into food

With the new iPhone 4s there are probably lots of people (you know you’re one of them) that want to upgrade and get it – if they haven’t already. But what about your old phone?

Rather than keeping it for fun, or selling it on ebay, why not send it in for charity?

Phone2food is a charity that takes your old phones and turns the buyback value of the phone to UNICEF to help fight the famine in Africa. It's like the adult version of going door to door on Halloween with the orange box. But easier.

allergies just got more real

Are you so allergic to cats you feel like you have a cat's tail in your nose? Well there's a new product, Waterpik SinuSense, that let's you fight that and a Facebook application that let's you visualize what your allergies feel like. (If you want to, that is).

It's part of Waterpik's "Keep the Outside Out" campaign, created by Sterling-Rice Group. Check out their Facebook page to play around with the application. Create a picture of yourself with a cat tail, grass or other allergy-causing substance coming out of your nose. (Cute.) Then add it to the gallery to share your pain with other allergy sufferers.

facebook stalking gets creepy(er)

Takethislollipop.com takes Facebook stalking to a whole new level with Facebook Connect.

It’s pretty cool in the creepiest way possible. It’ll make you rethink stalking friends, acquaintances, or exes, and you may want to delete your account – er, deactivate and just hide it for a while.

So how many licks does it take to get to the creepy center of this lollipop? No spoiler alerts here - try it out for yourself.

8-bits for your 10-speed

Fun, functional and straight up amazing? MonkeyLectric's newest product has it all for bikes everywhere - it's the LED 8-bit Mini Monkey Bike Light. (The functional part is that they add extra light at night and are waterproof.)

MonkeyLectric launched the product on Kickstarter.com to raise funds to produce it, and they have a hit on their hands: they've raised about twice the amount they aimed to raise.

After watching the video, you might be pledging to the cause too. And if you don't have a bike, you're probably considering getting one now.

prepare for delayed departure

Scandanavian Airlines has been voted the most punctual airline in Europe for the past two years. That’s a big (and rare) deal in air travel these days.

So by celebrating, they’ve created a Timekiller app for people travelling on other airlines that need to entertain themselves while they wait for their delayed flights. The app includes pretty simple, mind-numbing activities, such as spinning a hamster around a wheel by turning your phone around.

And let's be honest - any app that can numb your mind to the frustrations of air travel is a good app indeed, and aptly sticks it to Scandanavian Air's competitors.

Volkswagen wants you to be a thief

To promote the launch of the 2012 Jetta, Volkswagen is displaying uniquely numbered, limited edition artwork in pop-art galleries all over major cities in Canada for the public to enjoy. Sure, they could've stopped there like a lot of other brands would, but the next part is what makes this share-worthy vs. just another pop-up store...

They're encouraging people to steal the artwork and share photos and videos of their heists on the Volkswagen Facebook page. Why? Because why the hell not be different?

paintings in real life

By now we've probably all seen some pretty cool art of real life people painted to look like a painting, but these, by Alexa Meade, are probably some of the absolute best. Seriously, some of these are so good you'll have a hard time believing they're actually people and not paintings. Wow.

a powerful lesson from a guy in bear suit

I dare you to watch this PSA from Jung von Matt for Pro Infirmis and not get teary eyed. Don't want to give it away, but hint, there's a wonderful lesson in here. So wonderful.

paul rand thought different

In honor of Steve Jobs Day, we take a look at one of his influences, Paul Rand, who created logos for many of the world's most well-known companies, including Enron, ABC Television, IBM and UPS. In 1986, Paul Rand designed a logo for Steve Job's new company Next Computing. The two became close, and when Steve returned to Apple, he even paid homage to Rand with his own "Think Different" poster.

to everything, kern kern kern

Are you a fan of good design? Can you quote all of the lines from this movie? Got a few hours to kill at work? If so, there's a game sweeping the interwebs, and it could be right up your alley. It pits you against graphic designers from around the world as you adjust the spacing between all the middle characters of each word.

is that a tear in my burrito?

Last month we fell in love with Chipotle's video with Willie Nelson singing Coldplay to raise awareness around the hardship family farms face against America's industrial giants.

Well, we're in love again with the new one with Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singing Willie Nelson's "Mammas don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys." Just like her voice, it's kind of chilling.

Get all teary eyed too? You can do something about it at The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation's website.

this is life on page 23

Page 23 (English subtitles) from Jeroen Houben on Vimeo.

We all dream of being (or staying) incredibly attractive, finding an equally attractive partner, driving around town in a luxury car to come home to a beautiful house filled with really nice stuff. Yep, if we just fill our lives with all that perfectness, then life will be perfect, right?

Well, this beautiful short, called Page 23, shows that picturesque life we all strive for maybe isn't all it's cracked up to be. That maybe we're all fooling ourselves and each other with a facade of picture perfectness. That the world of advertising has programmed us all to believe this is what life is supposed to be.

What makes this so awesome though, is it's not all preachy and condescending. Instead, the creators, did it in a stunning, slightly humorous, yet hard hitting way.

Love it!

sport your inner geekiness

Ugo put together this sweet list of geek gear that is supposedly subtle enough to be acceptable in public. I might beg to differ on more than half of these, but you be the judge. Gotta admit, the Star Wars sneaks are pretty awesome... the Harry Potter t-shirt... yeah, not so much.

mix tapes reinvented

Playlist Cards from Stupid on Vimeo.

Remember the painstaking care you took to create mix tapes back in the day? From the song selection, to the timing, to the name of the tape - it all had to be just right. Then you'd give it to your friends or that special someone and let them revel in your musical mastery.

While those days may be gone (tear), there is a new line of greeting cards with QR codes, created by Stupid, that let you give digital mix tapes from Spotify to others. It's not quite the same, but a fun way of sharing music.

If only they had created separate side A and side B codes.

the facebook for literature?

Calling all book nerds! A site has launched just for you. Even if you're not a book nerd, and you just remember random facts from your high school English classes, it could be a fun site to play around with to discover new things.

So grab your hardback, Kindle or iPad, then head over to smalldemons.com and let the fun begin. It's a literary playground (or rather a social network for literature) that let's you discover connections between characters in different books, restaurants your favorite character loved, and more.

The purpose of the site is stated best on their website: "The things in books are there because they mean something—to the character, to the author. Right here is where you begin to discover what they can also mean to you."

a visual play on words

This video provides a playful animation of words based on their meaning, ranging from clock, to moon, to Dali.

It’s simplistic, but very fun to watch.

one cat's story: from stray to meme

This animated short from Guy Collins (in association with Mondo Media) is everything you could possible want in a viral cat video. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love it dammit, because who doesn't love a success story of an adorable kitty's journey from the dumpster to becoming a real-life nyan cat. Awww

how nerds do NYC

Sure, you know where all the tourist traps are, the great hole in the wall restaurants, the dive clubs to catch new musicians on the rise... but do you know where to find the Ninja Turtle's headquarter or The Daily Bugle? Well, now there's a map for that.

what Central Park sounds like

The Making of Listen to the Light by BLUEBRAIN from BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo.

Earlier this year we told you about how progressive band, Bluebrain, launched the first ever GPS enabled music album- an iphone app that changed up songs based on where you were around the National Mall in D.C.

Well, they're back again, this time with new album called Listen to the Light which changes music based on your GPS coordinates within New York's Central Park. Cool!

99% of world's cookies consumed by 1% of world's monsters

It started out as peaceful occupation of Wall Street to protest a growing growing disparity in wealth in the US. It then spread to over 25 cities. And yet, it still wasn't getting the media coverage it deserved. So, the protestors decided to capture the hearts and minds of America's youth and occupied Sesame Street. That's when it got out of hand.

how not to pitch a mommy blogger

Jenny Lawson, also known as The Bloggess, has been named one of "Top 50 Most Powerful Mom Bloggers." She has more than 168,000 Twitter followers, and her blog is read by hundreds of thousands. She receives hundreds of unsolicited PR pitches.

BrandLink Communications is a media relations, marketing and special events agency, who sends out hundreds of PR pitches.

When sending a PR pitch to a blogger, it's important to know the blog and know the audience. It's also important to spell check the email. And if the blog isn't interested in the story, you should move along. This is where Brandlink Communications went a little astray.

Remember - reply all is never your friend. Especially when you're calling said Mommy blogger the b word. And then, you should certainly not question her social media relevance, and her 168,000 Twitter followers. So, she had them send messages to @BrandlinkComm and spreading the story of the heated exchange.

Brandlink has since apologized and is hoping to put this behind them.

here’s to the crazy ones

The interwebs were chock full of posts, tributes and articles written about the passing of Steve Jobs. It turns out most of us were fanboys. Heck, even this article is being written on a Mac. But the most fitting tribute at all came from Stephen Colbert.

doing good, looking good

Outdoor gear clothing company and social do-gooder Patagonia has partnered with Ebay to launch the Common Threads Initiative. This website allows customers to sell their used gear on Ebay, reducing the environmental footprint of fans and opening the brand to consumers who normally couldn’t afford the higher priced items.

It's a wonderful example of positively marketing a brand's core values.

outwit outlast outplay... outlive

Need a little help with your training? Need a little extra motivation to keep jogging? How about keeping in shape to outrun the unholy half dead? Think a cross between RunKeeper and Dungeons and Dragons. Yup, there's an app for that.

television! teacher, mother, secret lover

Michael John Kricfalusi, better known as John K, was the creative genius behind everyone's favorite cartoon "Ren & Stimpy". This past weekend, he took on the opening of everyone's other favorite cartoon.

when punk rock goes soft

Although we'd love to preserve the anarchy loving, guitar smashing, mohawk rockin' awesomeness that is a punk rocker, many of those punk rockers eventually have babies. And those babies piss, poop and cry just like us normal folks' babies. And said punk rockers job as dad is to soothe their babies' tears and clean said piss and poop. Yep, not so glamorous afterall.

This epic documentary touring the film festival circuit, called The Other F Word, takes you into the lives of some of the most hardcore punk rockers you idolized and emulated as a kid from Black Flag, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rancid, Circle Jerks and more and shows you how their lives completely changed when they became dads.

Sad, inspiring, funny and uplifting all at the same time.

know before you go

This ad campaign, Know before you go, by BBDO in Moscow is one of the best uses of Google street view I've seen in a while.

yo momma's a critic

My Son Does Advertising - Massive from My Son Does Advertising on Vimeo.

Ever try to explain to your parents what it is you do for a living as they look at you all cross eyed? Yeah, so imagine if they had a blog where they put your work on display and critiqued it for the world to see. Mortifying, right?

Well apparently Maximillian Urbanke of Young & Rubicam and Manuel Hock of DDB have the chutzpah because they let their Dad and Mom (respectively) do just that with My Son Does Advertising. It's pretty entertaining watching them fumble through it all.

sour patch kids get a bad rap

Scratch that. Sour Patch Kids is embracing their sour side with a sick beat featuring Method Man. The song is legitimately good, and the video is seriously well produced. Not to mention, it’s amusing.

They announced the world premier of the video on their Facebook page, and it is a great progression of their Sour. Sweet. Gone. campaign that depicts the little gummies as punks (sour) and then nice (sweet) in an endearing way.

But eff the sweet – these patch kids are all sour. Because after all, they’re not called Sweet and Sour Patch Kids. Enjoy the video and get ready to pucker, son.

state farm wreaks havoc on your home

State Farm launched a new site that really hits home. Literally.

State Farm brings the destructive robot from a recent ad to your neighborhood, with Google street view integration, to create a custom video of the robot destroying your block and home. The hope is that you'll be so shell-shocked and paranoid about what you just witnessed, you'll all an agent immediately (they provide you with the info) to protect your assets.

Or you can just share the carnage with your friends.

shake what her mama gave her

An app where you can collect booty cards (yes – virtual baseball-style cards of girls’ behinds) and then virtually shake them? Maxim has an app for that. It’s called Massive. Created by Manual Hoch and Max Hoch.

Booty-shaking aside, it is creative way to get readers to interact with the magazine and reward them for it - you get a free year subscription of Maxim if you find and collect all the booty cards in the app. Then you can duel other people nearby who also have the booty cards.

Think of it what you will, but the reaction of one of their mothers on their parents’ blog is priceless.

it's for f$#king charity d@%mit!

Been droppin' F-bombs on Twitter lately? Well, here's your chance at redemption.

Just login to Charity Swearbox using your Twitter account and put your money where your filthy potty mouth is. The site will scan Twitter and come up with a suggested dollar amount you should donate to charity based on the number of swear words you dropped.

Been as clean as a 1950s sitcom? Not to worry, the app gives you a chance to blurt out a curse right there, then get an immediate chance to make up for it. What's not to love about instant redemption?

the only work rules that matter

Hang these in your office break room, because these are way more fun to read on your lunch break than those lame OSHA posters. Created by creative studio, Division of Labor. Take note of the reply all one, it will save lives.

Mr. Postman says email's the devil

According to this new anti-email campaign from the US Postal Service, email is a cold and dangerous tool that infects you with viruses and steals your identity. But, of course non of this is possible through snail mail, right? (forgot anthrax scares and thieves rummaging through your garbage for mail with your social security of credit card numbers, silly).

By the last spot it actually gets really sad, but that's the way the world goes, right? Adapt or get left behind, it's the Darwinian way.

gettin' slizzard with Google

All you need to do is take one look at texts from last night to know alcohol and technology don't mix... but this may be the exception.

Google already does search, video, social networking, mobile, food reviews, so why the hell wouldn't they try beer?! Ok, well, they're not exactly going into the beer business, but some Google employees are, along with the folks at Dogfish Head, and they're using everything Google to help promote it as you'll see in this video.

So what exactly does Google taste like? Well, apparently it tastes like a bunch of awesome ingredients from around the world including honey from their own headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

The beer is called Urkontinent and it's on tap at Dogfish Head now, in hopes of making the cut for national distribution. Move over PBR, this could be the new hipster's choice.

strong the force is in this one

There's an epidemic in America, and it's affecting many of our children. Of course, I'm talking about children thinking that Star Wars is supposed to start with Episode I. We all know it starts with Episode IV. Thankfully, CNN has highlighted this PSA teaches us the proper way to transport our kids to a galaxy far, far away.

But the most important question is, where can one buy that knit Yoda hat?

one more thing

The interwebs are aflutter with Apple's pending announcement of the iPhone 5 this Tuesday. Amongst all the excitement, there is a slight twinge of sadness, as this is the first post-Steve keynote.

Considering the percentage of our paychecks that we've all shelled out to Apple over the years, it's time to take a day to honor the man and say thank you.

So, how can you join in? It's as simple as programing an iPod. Wear a black turtleneck, blue jeans and your favorite pair of New Balance. Want to go authentic? Have someone take a picture and make it your profile pic next Friday!
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