you are NOT a photographer

We all know the type: Those friends that *think* they're all artsy because they can use a camera. Our Facebook walls flooded with photos laden with cheesy glows, soft edges, hacked photoshop jobs and instagram ripoff effects. Well, here's a nice collection of some real quality work. FYI - #12, #15 and #23 will give you nightmares tonight. Consider yourselves warned.


Ben Kunz said...

I like sucky content. There's something nice about humans trying to express themselves badly. Karaoke, quilting, crafts, cheesy photos, cartoons in high school yearbooks. I bet that guy in front of the truck felt like a stud when seeing the glitter in his headlights. We're all a bit delusional, so why not go all out?

Anonymous said...

these are competition to people of walmart website......creepy is the word!

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