my last post

I wrote my first post on Brand Flakes for Breakfast on March 2, 2005. Six years and thousands of posts later, it's time to leave. This will be my very last post on the greatest blog in all of the land.

I'm leaving Humongo, the agency that I founded fifteen years ago. I've had some of the best times of my life at this agency, but it's time to move on. I'll be joining the team at Carrot Creative, in NYC. You can read about my departure and new adventure on Advertising Age, if you're interested in the details. But, since Brand Flakes is all Humongo, all the time, I'll need to say goodbye.

Not to worry, I'm a blogger for life.
I can't just stop...blogging. So I'm happy to announce that I'll be joining Bill Green and Angela Natividad in the creation of a new, super advertising blog called Adverve. Bill Green is world famous for his Make the Logo Bigger Blog, and Angela for Live and Uncensored. And hopefully you already listen to their Adverve podcast.

Nothing will stop the power of the three hottest bloggers in the U.S. Think of this as a new, mega-righteous-awesome advertising blog that's more killer than anything you've ever read before. In all seriousness, I think you'll like the voice of this new blog, as the three of us offer completely separate and distinct perspectives on creative work and our industry. Think of it as three of the blogging super powers coming together for good, not evil. Like the United Nations of ad blogs.

Even better, I'll be joining Bill and Angela as a mostly-regular guest on their Adverve podcast. I'm pretty stoked to be a part of this, as it's been one of my personal favorite podcasts since the day it launched.

What does this mean for you?
Brand Flakes will still be here, churning out the awesome day after day. You already love Kristien's posts, and there will be plenty more fun where that comes from. It's still today one of Advertising Age's top 150 blogs in the industry. I'll be reading it myself, each and every morning.

And now, you'll have a new blog to read every day, too - as I hope you'll add the Adverve blog to your daily routine.

Need to reach me? I'm on the internet. Look me up. Whatever social tool you're using, I'm probably there too. (But really, Twitter is best, isn't it?)

Thanks for reading, and thanks for tweeting, blogging and sharing my posts on Facebook, Google+ and the countless other social networks. Day after day, and year after year, it's people like you that made Brand Flakes huge. I love you for this.


Your pal on the internet,

darryl ohrt


Todd said...

Thanks for being so awesome all these years... I cherish my Plaid/Humongo Nation t-shirts and wear them proudly. We'll always have Chicago dogs. Always! Great luck at your next stop. Have fun, do good!

Anonymous said...

Blessings on your life journey, your creativity and insights are wonderful and will be missed by Brandflakes for Breakfast readers, you will be followed online!

Lee Washington said...

Good luck Darryl. Thanks for the inspirational posts. It's been a daily read for me. Now I'll be reading adverve every day too.

All the best

Whatley said...

End of an era dude, end of an era.
Best of luck, we'll be watching closely* :)


James Whatley

*in a totally stalker way.

Mone said...

Brandflakes literally became part of my morning cereal at the office. You will be missed, thanks for all your energy & insights written on this blog.

Best of luck on your new adventure.

Mark Wanczak said...

Best of luck, Darryl. I've really enjoyed this blog and will definitely follow the new Adverve blog.

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