stuff that you need to do today

In the olden days before apps, iPads, inboxes and rocketships, people needed to write things down to have a productive day. And yet they never had anything quite as nice as the Two Point Oh! Daily Page.

Print this handy guide each day (if you dare to use a printing device), and your day will never be more organized. Your life will have order and purpose. And you'll be a better person.

All from just a little...piece of paper. From @kaitvillanova


Rachel said...

Very like Simple Mom's Daily Docket I find it very useful, I've printed mine into a notebook.

Karizz said...

wait, this is so genius and great! admittedly, my #1 reason for making to-do lists is usually procrastination, but this raises it to a justifiable art form... :) great find!

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