the perfect profile pic

Guys always wonder how they can take the perfect profile pic for their Facebook page. And then they end up doing something douchey, and taking their shirt off.

Loreal is here to help guys do what's right, with the introduction of the Man Expert.


RFB said...

Ugh. Another cheesy superdude. This trend is beyond tired to the point of comatose.

Client: We want someone cool, smart and an over-the-top smug know-it-all, kinda like Old Spice Guy!

Assistant Client: Yeah! Like Mustafa. He's great!

Client: Or Most Interesting Man.

Assistant Client: Or the spokesman for Gillette.

Client: Do not speak unless I ask you to, please.

Assistant Client: Sorry.

Client: Or that spokesman for Gillette. Or Keystone beer. Or Dairy Queen.

Agency: Well, I think you're point g out yourselves how very "done" this idea is. Everyone has already seen the "expert" guy who thinks he's funny. And when K-Swiss introduced Kenny Powers, the mold was thrown away. We just can't do this approach. I mean, just this week W&K did some sort of blacksmith character who knows everything about cooking macaroni.

Client: Well, I guess we'll have to find a shop that will execute what we want.

Agency: I'm thinking we have a guy with a smooth English accent, well-groomed, smug, sort of a doughy James Bond!

Client: LOVE IT!

darryl ohrt said...

That's EXACTLY how it went down.

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