one place for all of your links (clean up your email signature, ok?) has been all re-vamped and cleaned up, and now it's ready for your ultimate attention. Because you really need one place where you can link to that includes all the links to your social self.

Because Google+ is not going to kill Facebook and Unthink is not going to kill Google+ and Twitter is not going away and you're addicted to Instagram and have to use LinkedIn for work. (Remember when there was just MySpace??)


Anonymous said...

I am now in love with Melody McCloskey and will begin stalking her.

darryl ohrt said...

LOL, yeah, me too, a little.

Anonymous said...

She'a a poor man's Jennifer Aniston, without the baggage.

(I remain anon, which makes stalking her easier)

Anonymous said... though misses the point, I don't want colleagues looking at my FB or friends seeing my resume.

Separate spoons please!

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