cliff notes to the internet

The internet is a big place. And it's getting bigger. And you want to read the entire internet every day, but there's just not enough time. So you put those longer posts, articles and pieces away for the weekend, with the intention of catching up on the internet. But then your life gets in the way...this is the challenge that is looking to solve. is a new project that just received funding on Kickstarter, that strives to be a crowd-sourced cliff notes, for the internet. Don't have time to read a particularly lng (but interesting) post? Not to worry. Someone else has, and they've posted a summary for you.

Before you know it, the entire internet has been summarized just like the world is now documented on Wikipedia. There's a lot of internet in our future, and we're going to have to help each other out, if we want to read it all.

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