a $7,000 tweet

Here's a fun story about how Los Angeles' carmageddon, emotion, and some poor forecasting led to skateboard company Santa Monica Airlines posting a $7,000 tweet.

It's also a lesson in classic marketing and business positioning. Marketers make mistakes. It happens. Dealing with the consequences of those mistakes in a responsible way is what separates the superstars from status quo. Hooray for Santa Monica Airlines. Thanks, Casey!


California Girl said...

So nice to see somebody stand behind their pledge. Here you have a small retailer w/o cash reserves sticking to his guns. Conversely (yes, meant as a play) look at corporations who refuse to back their own claims, products, etc by means of loopholes, the ability to outlast a lawsuit in court and just good-old fashioned spin.

I hope this man and his company are repaid in sales revenue and good karma. He already has awesome exposure.

J Thomas said...

Just read up on this!
Hats off to Converse for sticking to his guns! Hopefully it pays off for him in good PR and exposure!

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