what a thief looks like

As if having your stuff stolen doesn't suck enough, having to watch the jerk that stole it everyday and not being able to do anything about it must suck worse.

That's what Joshua Kaufman has to deal with, but at least he has a sense of humor about it. Using Hidden, the awesome app that shows you where your stolen iMac or Macbook is, Josh is posting picts of the perpetrator on his Tumblr, This Guy Has My MacBook.

Seeing what this guy is doing is kind of fascinating, like slowing down past a car accident to get a peak.


Anon said...

I personally would be upset that someone stole my MacBook, but this Hidden app is so funny. And I just went on this guy's Tumblr. He said that the police caught him, thanks to these photos.

How cool! :)


the scarecrow said...

This is a billion kinds of epic, oh my GOD. How cool that he got creative instead of moping about it!

Atley said...

soooo creepy! That is why I ALWAYS keep my webcam covered if I'm not using it! some weirdo looking at me! no thank you!

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