what really smart people can do with magnets

If you weren't so busy playing Angry Birds, you could probably do something really super fantastic. Like make a giant magnet ball sculpture.

That's what these brainiacs did for their entry into the F5 Fest. They bought a giant magnet, put electronics inside balls, and then created a happy machine.

You should totally call these guys and have them build six of these for the inside of your upcoming trade show exhibit. Money is no object, and you need to make a great impression. Just do it. From @chriskemm.

1 comment:

Atley said...

magnets! how do they work? so confusing! haha. The Idea of putting tiny computers or somthing into each ball is sooooo cool! I bet if they really worked they could make all the red balls float at a specific height, and the yellow at another, and be able to make a face or some other weird thing! so cool!

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