the train that couldn't stop

Ferrorama was a super hot model train brand for all of Brazil, back when kids went outdoors and played with actual toys.

Toy maker Estrela wanted to see how devoted the Ferrorama fans really were, and what kind of nutty stunt they might be willing to do to convince Estrela to begin making the trains again.

So they set out to have an actual Ferrorama model train travel 20 kilometers. (Americans, that's like a ton of miles.) All fans would need to do is assemble and reassemble train track, so that the little train could keep chugging along, kilometer by kilometer.

And they did. Fans built track piece after track piece in a back breaking 20 kilometer train ride across the countryside. And today, if you want to buy a Ferrorama, you can do so in a toy store, rather than ebay.

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