this grid will increase your marketing budget by 50%

You're creating content. Because that's what brands do on the internet, and that's what your audience wants. How do you know what your content is supposed to accomplish? Or where it even fits in your brand's marketing goals or your customer's life stream?

Enter the Content Grid. Version 2.0. Eloqua invented the content grid a year ago (that's like 12 years, in internet time), and they knew that the world has changed since then. And that the world really needed another content grid. So they put together some smart people to build it.

This new grid is so beautifully constructed that you'll put it in your next presentation deck. And you'll use it to convince your boss to increase your content development and digital marketing budget by 50%. And then you'll go on to major success, and be featured as a case study that other brands will look up to. And you'll owe it all to the Content Grid. Version 2.0.

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Joe Chernov said...

Hi Darryl,

LOVE this post. It's flattering, funny and I hope accurate. Because you nailed exactly what we were aiming to do: we wanted to equip marketers with a usable tool (the original Grid was a little too "far out" to be usable) to get more done with their marketing content.

Thanks so much for supporting it. It's bloggers and thinkers like you that reach the people this grid is intended to help.

Joe Chernov
VP of Content Marketing

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