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Venture Capitalist guru Fred Wilson has some awesome advice for digital marketers: stop ignoring the larger part of your audience. According to Fred, "There is a 100/10/1 'rule of thumb' with social services. 1% will create content, 10% will engage with it, and 100% will consume it."

How does this apply to you? Are you hell bent on getting your visitors to log in, supply their email, connect on Twitter or Facebook before you'll share content? You could be turning off the 90% of your audience that just wants to consume.

Why should I have to "like" your brand, just to get information? Fred reminds us that the "logged out" audience is just as important (and far larger) than the "logged in" crowd. Embrace them. Treat them as if you "like" them.


Anonymous said...

You've hit upon a big flaw in all the attention the social networks are currently receiving - there are more people outside the social networks than there are inside.

Another thought along the same vein --- why do I have to create a new account with an online vendor just to buy something? Why can't I buy something while a "guest" on the site. With all the site break-ins of late, the last thing I want to do is create accounts all over the intertubes.

There, I feel better now. :)

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