mmmm, bacon text.

You've undoubtedly seen work that your agency has produced for you prior to copy being written, and they'll use placeholder text to show how actual text might look in the piece.

It's an industry standard practice to use Lorem Ipsum, a Latin text with the words altered, so that it takes on no meaning.

Why should we be limited to Latin text, when there's something so much more tasty, available? That's the premise behind Bacon Ipsum - a placeholder text generator that makes the tastiest text you've ever read.

Here's some nice bacon text that I whipped up for you to enjoy this morning:

Bacon salami ribeye, pork loin sirloin venison shank ground round bresaola ham hock t-bone fatback. Strip steak t-bone cow bacon fatback, meatloaf flank beef rump tail shank short ribs. Jowl swine cow beef corned beef. Ground round sausage bacon salami swine, fatback tail venison shoulder chicken pastrami. Ribeye strip steak ball tip, short loin chuck ham hock pastrami rump tail t-bone beef ribs.

Aren't you hungry now?

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