making air travel fun again

There was a day not too long ago where people smoked cigarettes, had sex with flight attendants, and brought their own bottled water onto airplanes. These were the days that old people say made air travel glamorous. Now of course, things are a little bit different. Until now.

Robyn is performing a show at the JetBlue terminal at JFK Airport. Just for JetBlue passengers. JetBlue has worked hard to make their Terminal 5 in NYC a place where you'll actually enjoy a flight delay, or arriving 3 hours early for a security line. JetBlue is making air travel an experience that you'll share with friends. And fun again. Hooray for pleasing customers.


Anonymous said...

Met Robyn many years ago when she was just starting out while promoting her album at the AEC headquarters in Coral Springs. Good to see she is stlll around.

California Girl said...

somehow, a concert by an artist I don't know doesn't really alleviate the stress of a flight delay.

now, putting me up in a hotel if the fight is delayed & i'm missing my connection...that works. but there again, the "good old days".

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