join me for a hot, steamy party

Perrier is inviting consumers to visit their YouTube channel to check out their Le Club Perrier videos: a series of a hot and steamy scenes from a dark, swanky night club.

The awesome part? The more people that visit the page, the more videos they'll reveal within the series, and the sexier they get. Right now they're at over 2MM views with 3 videos left to be unlocked.

Now, it is Europe afterall, so what will the last videos reveal? Neked boobies? Girl on girl make-out sessions? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be racy, and it better be darn good for all this anticipation. Wait, are men even their target? Hmmm. Well, whatever. Sure is enticing isn't it?


Ben Kunz said...

Kristien, dang. The last paragraph got me all steamed up!

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

haha I do what I can for you boys!

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