google stepping it up

Google's just announced a bunch of new fantastical features that will impact your business.

Most notably - they've revamped their mobile search to be more friendly to what people typically search for on mobile devices. What does this mean for you? If you're a retailer or a destination of any kind, you'll want to be sure that your Google Places is up to date.

They're also launching "Instant Pages", a site that pre-renders the expected search result in the background, so that when you click through to it, it loads instantly. What does this mean to your brand? Your slow loading site (please kill your Flash intro now) may now impact your search results. Google has an incentive to give higher rankings to quicker, faster loading experiences.

There's plenty more Google fun over at Search Talk.

Bottom line: It's always best to create a digital experience that satisfies your client's particular need on the device from which they're viewing. Google is going in this direction, your customers are asking for it...what are you waiting for?

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California Girl said...

thanks for the link to this informative article.

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