chat with tony hsieh live, today

It's not often that you get an opportunity to chat with one of the most influential CEOs in business history. But today is your day.

Ecko Watches is broadcasting a live chat with Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and author of "Delivering Happiness". He'll be answering questions submitted by viewers in a live 20 minute chat starting at noon, EST. It's all a part of Ecko's "Indie For Life" campaign, celebrating the indie lifestyle, and the new rock stars in business that inspire us all.

There's even a video that sets up the whole campaign and asks founders of brands like FourSquare, Tom's Shoes and others what it means to be "indie".

Join at noon and listen in, post questions, and meet Tony.

Disclosure: Ecko Watches is a client of Humongo, and Indie for Life is our work. We don't have a problem sharing it here because it's so awesome, and we know you're going to totally dig it.


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