brooklyn on mute

The loveable folks at Improv Everywhere were at it again the other day with their latest shenanigans, The Mute Button. For this stunt they overtook Brooklyn's Prospect Park making a ton of noise, then simultaneously muting themselves repeatedly causing confused facial expressions from passer-bys.

Apparently this was all part of the Guggenheim Museum's Stillspotting nyc exhibit aimed at creating, you guessed it, still spots as escape from the loud and hectic city life.

Sure, the whole flash mob type thing is pretty played out by now, but no one does it better than these guys.


Anon said...

That was SO freaking amazing! I want to try this sometime, haha. And I've always wanted to participate in a flash mob. :3

Hal Thomas said...

Nice use of the word "shenanigans". As long as you stay away from "tomfoolery", I'll continue to play nice. I call dibs on "tomfoolery".

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