the best way to bring ice cream to the beach

An ice cream truck that floats. That is all.


Anon said...

THIS. IS. SO. PWN. Oh my gosh.

Do you know where this picture was taken?

the scarecrow said...

Epic awesomeness.

I wonder if Rupert Grint has heard of this?

Booklover said...

I want one of those NOW!

Gabrielle said...

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Pamela said...

Haha, this is too funny. When my brother and sister were little (before I came along), the bratty kids across the street would play music out their window that sounded like the ice cream truck coming around...and watch my brother and sister as they ran outside looking for the ice cream truck. sad.

bazza said...

The building in the backgound is the Palace of Westminster which houses the British parliament with the River Thames flowing by. You can see the clock tower which houses Big Ben, which is the name of the bell, not the clock! Love the blog; found it through
Blogs of Note.
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