this is how you get really wet

Target built the world's largest water sprinkler. Just because it's summer, and just because they can.

Sometimes fun works.

social media pros dish out the goods

One of the more awesome things about our nerd industry is that we love to share with each other. That's exactly the premise behind The Social Media ProBook - a collaboration of well-illustrated advice from 20 experts in the field.

All free for your downloading pleasure - in handy web or print versions (but if you use the print version, we may have to unlike you.)

It's the sweetest tips from your 20 hottest social media friends, jam-packed with awesomeness in a data-knowledge-intelligence-explosion.

an ad worthy of your headphones

HP launched this ad featuring Plan B‬‏ to promote their new laptops with Beats audio on board.

While we suppose that you'll only get the full "3D" effect with the HP laptop, if you listen with your headphones, you can hear what's possible.

Greenpeace strikes back

Volkswagen probably thought they were pretty invincible after their Super Bowl commercial, The Force, received a ton of buzz and praise. That is, until Greenpeace struck back with this EPIC "sequel" calling for consumers to join the Rebellion against Volkswagen (AKA the evil Empire) for their poor environmental record. If you want to see the evidence or to join the Rebellion, come on over to the VW Dark Side. Brilliant are you, Greenpeace. Brilliant.

bored with Foursquare?

For those of you that never really "got" Foursquare, you already knew what former Foursquare addicts have just started to discover. After the initial fun of bragging to friends about where you are all the time, winning a few mayorships, and donning a few badges, Foursquare gets a little boring.

But it doesn't have to be thanks to World of FourCraft, a new Risk-like game that turns NYC into a virtual board game using Foursquare and Google Maps. Players chose which borough to claim their allegiance with and then simply check-in to places to essentially place down a "soldier" on that spot. An algorithm then decides which fraction owns that area based on number of check-ins. So, now the only question is, who's going to steal Brooklyn away from the Hipsters?

how much water you're wasting

This series of ads in Denver illustrates how much water people are wasting, watering their lawns. Fun, simple, awesome.

street art, animated

There's a neighborhood in NYC that features 32 individual sidewalk stencils of Lou Reed's Transformer artwork. Now somebody's made an animated GIF of the entire series so that you can enjoy them from the air conditioned comfort of your very own cubicle.

This is a fun new trend in bringing street art to the desktop and adding to the experience. (It's like taking a nice walk, without all of the strenuous effort of walking.)

data liberation is here

Google's owning the geek news at the moment, with a Google-load of announcements (including Google+), but here's a fun spot for something that merits more attention: the Google Data Liberation Front.

The fun promo for Google Takeout outlines the underlying strength to all of Google's products, their new social network and their company philosophy: you should own your data.

This is their differentiator, when competing against established social tools like Facebook, and poses an interesting business challenge: if you made it easy for your customers to leave you, will it make them love you more?

the power of censoring

Here's a great ad for Reporters Without Borders that illustrates the benefit of having the entire story. Simple wins again. Thanks, Casey!

what to do for your afternoon snack today

When you're ready to crash at your desk and need some caffeine and sugar to prop you up later today, here's a fun little side project that will keep you from your cubicle for just a little bit longer:

Turn your snack food into art, and then your snack time can be considered "creative exploration". Use this collection of Oreo cookie sculptures as inspiration.

Geez, we hope that Oreo is all over this stuff...

fly your super flag

All the popular super heroes, realized in a giant graphic made up of individual flags that represent the heroes themselves.

You asked for it, and here it is. That's how the internet works. From @coudal.

skittles customers fear long legged animals like giraffes

Skittles Brand Book

(Who doesn't?)

You know you love the rainbow juiciness that is everything Skittles. You know you love the social media campaigns, the tv spots, and everything Skittles.

Now you can love everything Skittles with your very own Skittles brand book. You know your advertising resonates when even your brand book goes viral. Thanks, Eliza!

workplaces, shown old school is a blog devoted to documenting the workplace of artisans and creative people in the city of Portland.

Shot on film, with a twin lens reflex camera - this is no iPhone with an Instagram filter. You'll swear it's like 1972.

your own personal infographic

Getting a job is tough these days, really tough. So how do your make sure your resume stands out amongst the thousands of others? The geniuses at startup,, have the answer: turn it into something every one loves. Turn your resume into an infographic. In just one click of a button you can transform your boring, lame resume into something beautiful and awesome. Want in? Sign up to become a beta tester.

kill bill as a bar code

What if you took every frame of a movie and compressed it into a single visual barccode that represents the movie? That's exactly what the graphic above is...(clearly taken from Kill Bill. You can tell by the yellow about 1/3 through.)

That's what Movie Bar Code Tumblr is all about. Because you asked for this, and the internet delivered.

your instant dj office party

Turntable.FM is a fun take on online music delivery, with a unique social element.

There are countless rooms filled with DJs just like you, spinning music for their friends. Join a room and add songs, rate songs, follow your dj friends and of songs.

And your dj avatar is a cute teddy bear alien baby. Rock on. From @jsutterfield

the future of qr codes

Imagine that on your walk home, every outdoor ad that you passed had a QR code that when scanned, would put the item into your shopping cart. Ladies and gentlemen: The future of QR codes isn't about entering people into your sweepstakes. It's about making their lives easier.

This installation by Tesco, a market in South Korea actually puts a virtual store in unexpected places (like subway stations), and lets people shop with their phones. Effective? The move increased online sales by 133%, and made their chain the #1 online seller in Korea.

The winning QR feature is indeed about improving your customer's life. And that's not likely a coupon or sweepstakes.

los angeles, realized with hot wheels

This is what a multi-million dollar Hot Wheels art installation looks like. Holy awesome.

making trash tossing fun

How can you affect behavior in a positive way? How can you make something as mundane as tossing garbage a fun activity? Just ask the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.

In an effort to remind people to actually use the city's trash bins, they've created a series of floor stickers that make it attention getting, fun and effective.

you never played with barbies like this

Here's a behind the scenes look at the making of the new Nokia N8 Pink spot.

Caution: There's a lot of pink, a lot of puppeteers, and a doll loses a leg at one point. Oh - and purple screen is the new green screen, yo.

this is the color of the sky today

Ever wonder what color the sky is? No need to look out the window, because N SKY C has it all figured out, with a live representation of the color of the NYC skyline, updated every five minutes.

And they've included the hexadecimal code, so you can re-create the exact color of the exact same skyline, whenever and wherever you might want. Send this to your internet nerd friend who hasn't seen the sky in a while.

a billboard goes viral

Here's a fun story about how Hipchat, a group chat and IM tool, bought a billboard in just the right place, used just the right creative, and made it blow up all over the internet.

The short story:
+ Buy unused inventory cheap
+ Design engaging, awesome creative that speaks to your audience
+ Place it in a market where your audience will see it

Seems like advertising 101, right? Sometimes a sea of strategy decks and committees get in the way of actually making that happen. Which makes Hipchat's efforts stand out even more. Hooray for awesome advertising. (Thanks, Casey!)

talk to the google

Google's launching voice search for the desktop, which could open up a whole new world of possibilities for you to yell at your computer.

The crew at Brooklyn shop Breakfast created "the Verbalizer", an open source tool that connects to your desktop via BlueTooth, and lets you search. With your voice.

They invited some electronic newbs to a "make and break" event at their shop to see what else might be possible. Now it's your turn. Download their software, schematics and more and then take over the world with the power of your voice.

totally vaginal

Summer's Eve would like you to know that it's ok to say the word "vagina". They want to remove the social taboos associated with the word, and instead celebrate everything that is awesome about...the vagina.

Carlton the cat kicks it off with a sweet manifesto about the loveable body part that will have you saying "dude, that's totally vaginal."

(It's safe for work, as long as you can handle hearing the word "vagina" outloud. And really, that's the point of this anyway. :)

this grid will increase your marketing budget by 50%

You're creating content. Because that's what brands do on the internet, and that's what your audience wants. How do you know what your content is supposed to accomplish? Or where it even fits in your brand's marketing goals or your customer's life stream?

Enter the Content Grid. Version 2.0. Eloqua invented the content grid a year ago (that's like 12 years, in internet time), and they knew that the world has changed since then. And that the world really needed another content grid. So they put together some smart people to build it.

This new grid is so beautifully constructed that you'll put it in your next presentation deck. And you'll use it to convince your boss to increase your content development and digital marketing budget by 50%. And then you'll go on to major success, and be featured as a case study that other brands will look up to. And you'll owe it all to the Content Grid. Version 2.0.

alot is a monster

Yesterday, we received a pitch from a major beverage brand from a PR firm, about their new campaign launch, in the hopes that we'd cover it on Brand Flakes. The pitch included the word "alot". It's hard to get past "alot", and take the person on the other side of that "word" seriously.

After tweeting about "alot", our friend Kim_Higdon pointed us to the Alot monster. And now we have have a brand new appreciation for Alot, and think of him differently. He's kind of loveable, hug-gable and a little bit scary. Come to think of it, we kind of like him. Alot.

runners paint the town

You have to be intrigued by a video, created by a running shoe company, that starts with "running is boring."

Much respect to Nike Amsterdam who discovered through research that their younger demo is not an avid runner. So to get them interested they created an awesome Facebook campaign that combined graffiti art, technology, music, and parties... all things their younger demo does love!

It all starts with a super cool Facebook app that let's fans map out running routes via satellite to create virtual graffiti art. Then fans can challenge their friends to run the routes and color them on the map with the NikePlus app. Fans were also invited to running clubs and real-life meet-up events to share runs, then celebrate with food, beer and exclusive performances.

Pretty smart and pretty cool!

think you're so green huh?

How Green Is Your Internet? from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

We're digital people, right? We shoot dirty looks when people grab stacks of paper off the printer. We're confused by the sound of a fax machine. We have arrogant email signatures belittling people that even think of printing our emails. Our paper and pen is an ipad. Yep, that's us. Sooooo environmentally friendly. Or, are we? According to this video, not so much. Might as well turn my AC up a notch now.

is your agency having fun?

We don't save lives. We're not controlling countries or even responsible for the care of children or pets. We're the creative industry.

Sometimes agencies get full of themselves and get lost in a sea of decks, suits and industry jargon like "curation" and "gamification". And sometimes agencies forget that we're one of the only industries where we can have fun every day.

That's what's so inspiring about this clip from Archrival. Just pure fun, for no other apparent reason. Good agencies do this for creative exploration, for a creative outlet and for fun. Is your agency having fun, too? If no - maybe you should ask them "why not?"

command the wheels of steel from the safety of your cubicle

Impress your office mates and make friends with the ladies by becoming the office DJ. You won't need to invest in a load of records, turntables or gear - everything you need is on your desktop, with Wheels of Steel.

Actually, this is a fantastic example of smart web production, in that this entirely engaging, animated experience was created without Flash. Using javascript/jquery and other back end magical tools, the creators of Wheels of Steel are proving that you can produce greatness, and still have it work on an Apple device.

(Try not to refer to them as the "wheels of steel" with a straight face, yo.

just be stupid

Why bother working your ass off when you can play on Facebook all day and get by living a life of mediocrity? At least that's what Diesel is enabling with their Be Stupid At Work App, as part of their Be Stupid campaign. Yep, this brilliant little app that lets you disguise Facebook as an excel spreadsheet so you're boss and colleagues will never know you're slacking off. Shhh, we won't tell.

an interactive infographic, FTW

Critics from the Guardian and Observer in the UK put together this awesome interactive timeline infographic of key moments in music history across various genres. Although I agree some of their selections are "suspect," as Fast Co. Design puts it, it's a super cool way to display key moments in a timeline. Just scroll through the timeline, rollover the various icons representing things like live shows, fashion/art, charts, deaths and more. Click on the icon to read the associated article covering that moment. Hours of fun!

which geek are you?

This diagram by Julianna Brion is epically awesome! I'll admit to being the blogger geek, what about you?

America according to Twitter

We all have fun nicknames for they cities we live in. Some are to express pride (Hotlanta represent). Some are funny (like Chicago, the Miami of Canada thanks to Mr. Burns). Some just sad (sorry Whale's Vagina, err, I mean San Diego). But either way most of them sound way more exciting than their real names.

And thanks to media companies Column Five and inboxQ, you can see many of them here on this handy little map of cities according to Twitter. That is, cities Twitter users say they're from rather than their actual location.

a day in the life of

Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell. And this belief is exactly what fueled their project, 3six5: a beautiful collection of stories from people all around the world.

Each day is represented by one person's 365-word reflection on something that happened in the world that day. Together these stories form an amazing snapshot of humanity.

They project is now on day 536 and are they're taking applications for 2012 authors. Eventually they hope to create a book out of the stories, but until then their Posterous is awesome enough.

where were you a year ago, today?

FourSquare and Seven Years Ago tells you exactly where you were one year ago today. Because your FourSquare checkins have recorded this for ever and ever.

Let's hope that you're somewhere more exciting today than you were a year ago today. Or that you're not in the exact same place that you were a year ago today. That could actually break the FourSquare tracking system, putting a permanent tear in the space/time continuum.

Be careful out there, and check in at your own risk.

because you never really get tired of planking

Just another reminder that the internet is awesome, all day, all night. Even when you're sleeping.

that's not true.

Now there's a site devoted to dispelling the most common misconceptions.

This just in: Sugar doesn't make kids hyper. And French Toast was not invented in France. (And you said the internet was a waste of your time.) From @coudal.

what could you do with 5,000 rocker switches?

You could make a giant, interactive piece of artwork. Now you know.

This is begging to be an even larger, interactive outdoor installation. Or a series of store window treatments. Or just a really cool piece to hang in your living room. Turn it on.

when should you publish that facebook update?

When should you post on Facebook? Or send that tweet? Who's more important - people on the east coast, or west coast?

If you're a brand on Facebook, these are the stressful decisions that you wrestle with day in and day out. And you can't mess this up, or people won't like you.

Danzarrella at Hubspot has put together some beautiful infographics that let you know the best time to tweet, update, and expect sharing. You should totally like and share this. But not until Saturday, at noon.

we could use some more swings

Chances are you've never seen someone frowning, while on a swing. Jeff Waldman understands that a swing is a symbol of pure joy. So Jeff's been installing swings in the most unexpected places, bringing joy to anyone who discovers them.

Now the Awesome Foundation is helping him take it worldwide. And you can get in on the cause through Kickstarter, helping to bring fun swings to Bolivia. Sometimes simple can inspire, change, and win.

pinball skate park

Thanks to Mountain Dew in New Zealand, you'll now know how to build a pinball machine skateboard park.

chat with tony hsieh live, today

It's not often that you get an opportunity to chat with one of the most influential CEOs in business history. But today is your day.

Ecko Watches is broadcasting a live chat with Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and author of "Delivering Happiness". He'll be answering questions submitted by viewers in a live 20 minute chat starting at noon, EST. It's all a part of Ecko's "Indie For Life" campaign, celebrating the indie lifestyle, and the new rock stars in business that inspire us all.

There's even a video that sets up the whole campaign and asks founders of brands like FourSquare, Tom's Shoes and others what it means to be "indie".

Join at noon and listen in, post questions, and meet Tony.

Disclosure: Ecko Watches is a client of Humongo, and Indie for Life is our work. We don't have a problem sharing it here because it's so awesome, and we know you're going to totally dig it.

careful where you toss your gum

Just in time for your Friday fun: a collection of vintage Tokyo subway manner posters.

It's cool to see how licensing is either more affordable, or that copyright isn't paid attention to, with the feature of several pop culture icons. And apparently umbrella forgetting was a major problem in Tokyo. From @caff.

the longer you watch, the more whopper you get

If you're a DirectTV customer, you should turn it to channel 111 right now. And then just watch.

Whopper Lust is a non-stop tv channel devoted to showing you video of a Whopper. And you'll want to watch it for hours, because the longer you watch, the more free Whoppage you get. And you can be sure that after staring at a juicy Whopper on TV for 20 minutes, that you're jumping in the car and driving to BK right after.

This is how you incentivize a customer base: Let them watch your commercial, and then pay them for it, with a reward that's valued based on the time they invest. Char-groiled genius.

shipping containers: ready for action

You've seen shipping containers turned into offices, houses, promotional spaces and more - but what if you just want something for your brand's weekend event?

Boxman Studios is a firm that specializes in building shipping container environments on an as needed basis.

They make containers into architectural pieces, and then they ship them to your event. Everything unpacks to create a stunning space, and then loads up on a truck when done. Like ordering pizza, but you get a room to have the party in, too. From @jmitchem

street art inspired by outdoor ads

It's pretty typical to see advertising people lift ideas from street artists, and then take them into the commercial world for exploitation.

But it's extremely rare to see a street artist take something that we've seen in the outdoor ad space and realize it as a medium for inspiring art. Such is the case with JR the Artist - who has taken over staircases around Brooklyn and turned them into inspiring stairways of wonder.

From the owner of Brooklyn, our good friend Loscalzo

google stepping it up

Google's just announced a bunch of new fantastical features that will impact your business.

Most notably - they've revamped their mobile search to be more friendly to what people typically search for on mobile devices. What does this mean for you? If you're a retailer or a destination of any kind, you'll want to be sure that your Google Places is up to date.

They're also launching "Instant Pages", a site that pre-renders the expected search result in the background, so that when you click through to it, it loads instantly. What does this mean to your brand? Your slow loading site (please kill your Flash intro now) may now impact your search results. Google has an incentive to give higher rankings to quicker, faster loading experiences.

There's plenty more Google fun over at Search Talk.

Bottom line: It's always best to create a digital experience that satisfies your client's particular need on the device from which they're viewing. Google is going in this direction, your customers are asking for it...what are you waiting for?

what happened a minute ago

Here's what happened on the web in the last 60 seconds. Wow. We're keeping the internets busy, yo.

picking up ickiness was never so cool

This magic machine that picks up gels and icky messes without changing their shape is pretty awesome. Imagine a larger application that takes over a retail display or trade show space, and gathers crowds to watch mayonnaise transfer from one place to another.

This is just waiting for a super cool creative installation. From @stealingsand.

ads that inspire can go viral, too.

Send this short from Nike to any of your running friends, and they'll totally thank you. And then they'll go for a run. From @pesce

crowdfunding for indie artists

Musician Kim Boekbinder has taken a crowdsource approach to her career. She funded her album and video with Kickstarter. And after booking and playing a few lesser organized shows in front of an audience of only 18 people, she figured that she could do better. So she's crowdfunding her tour.

Want Kim to play in your city? Shoot her an email. When she's established enough demand, she'll choose cities, and then sell the tickets in advance. And then book the venue. So she performs in the right-sized venue, only in the markets where people want to see her.

One day, tours like this will all be funded by Groupon.

making air travel fun again

There was a day not too long ago where people smoked cigarettes, had sex with flight attendants, and brought their own bottled water onto airplanes. These were the days that old people say made air travel glamorous. Now of course, things are a little bit different. Until now.

Robyn is performing a show at the JetBlue terminal at JFK Airport. Just for JetBlue passengers. JetBlue has worked hard to make their Terminal 5 in NYC a place where you'll actually enjoy a flight delay, or arriving 3 hours early for a security line. JetBlue is making air travel an experience that you'll share with friends. And fun again. Hooray for pleasing customers.

how geeks made art with computers in the old days

With AsciiFlow, you can make artwork just like they did in the early geek days. Use letters, dashes, even the equal sign. This is what life must have been like in the 1800's, before Photoshop.

Frogger in real life

Remember how awesome it was to play Frogger on your Atari or Commodore 64 for hours at a time? Well, this Facebook advergame is even awesomer. It's just like Frogger, but the street and cars are real, fed from a live webcam on one of Sao Paulo's busiest roads.

It was launched by Allianz insurance company to remind Brazilians to be safe on the roads. So it's in Portuguese, but if you just click the buttons you'll get it quick. Fun!

making your mark on the web

Mark Up is a beauteous collaboration between Mozilla (the creators of the Firefox browser), Evan Roth (super amazing street art crusader) and the Barbarian Group agency in support of an open web, in the hands of the people.

You can read about the technical hurdles that were overcome to produce something so elegant, or you can just leave your mark. May the open web reign on.

the train that couldn't stop

Ferrorama was a super hot model train brand for all of Brazil, back when kids went outdoors and played with actual toys.

Toy maker Estrela wanted to see how devoted the Ferrorama fans really were, and what kind of nutty stunt they might be willing to do to convince Estrela to begin making the trains again.

So they set out to have an actual Ferrorama model train travel 20 kilometers. (Americans, that's like a ton of miles.) All fans would need to do is assemble and reassemble train track, so that the little train could keep chugging along, kilometer by kilometer.

And they did. Fans built track piece after track piece in a back breaking 20 kilometer train ride across the countryside. And today, if you want to buy a Ferrorama, you can do so in a toy store, rather than ebay.

join me for a hot, steamy party

Perrier is inviting consumers to visit their YouTube channel to check out their Le Club Perrier videos: a series of a hot and steamy scenes from a dark, swanky night club.

The awesome part? The more people that visit the page, the more videos they'll reveal within the series, and the sexier they get. Right now they're at over 2MM views with 3 videos left to be unlocked.

Now, it is Europe afterall, so what will the last videos reveal? Neked boobies? Girl on girl make-out sessions? Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be racy, and it better be darn good for all this anticipation. Wait, are men even their target? Hmmm. Well, whatever. Sure is enticing isn't it?

rival brands unite

Logo designer, Graham Smith, wanted to see what it would look like when two rival brands unite into one logo. The results are called "Brand Reversions" and they're pretty cool to look at. It kinda messes with your head, which is always fun on a Tuesday morning.

what dog is right for you?

Ever wonder what type of dog might be a good match for you? Doggelganger scans your face, and then makes a suggestion for the perfect pup. Not only that, the doggie that you get matched with is actually available for adoption. So you could leave today with a perfectly matched, four legged friend.

The promotion is part of Pedigree's New Zealand Adoption Drive, and a fun way to raise awareness about doggie adoption, while getting people matched with puppies. From @jsutterfield.

#hashtag this

Yesterday, the NY Times discovered hashtags, and now you can be sure that your boss will be referencing the hashtag as the new, latest thing in meetings today. Humor him, and pretend that he discovered something grand.

Meanwhile, you can continue using hashtags like you always have...only now, with a totally new social media platform. (OK, you need another social network like you need another hashtag) - but Hashable looks different.

We all know that the world needs something cooler and more connective than LinkedIn. Perhaps Hashable is this. With Hashable, you'll use hashtags to connect associates, introduce new friends, or share conversation. Just like you do on Twitter, but a little bit different. Start #connecting and #conversing with your #awesome friends now. (Thanks, #bill!)

making the store window interactive

This store window for Hugo Boss in NYC lets customers become a part of the display. (And then of course, snap pics and share them with all of their friends.)

Sometimes clever and creative beats expensive, technological wonder. +1 for creative.

speak to all of your customers

Venture Capitalist guru Fred Wilson has some awesome advice for digital marketers: stop ignoring the larger part of your audience. According to Fred, "There is a 100/10/1 'rule of thumb' with social services. 1% will create content, 10% will engage with it, and 100% will consume it."

How does this apply to you? Are you hell bent on getting your visitors to log in, supply their email, connect on Twitter or Facebook before you'll share content? You could be turning off the 90% of your audience that just wants to consume.

Why should I have to "like" your brand, just to get information? Fred reminds us that the "logged out" audience is just as important (and far larger) than the "logged in" crowd. Embrace them. Treat them as if you "like" them.

creating mobile magic

Marco Tempest makes magic with mobile phones.

Just a little Monday morning something something to get you kicked off on another week of magic making. Go forth, and be fantastical.

when was the last time you slept with your customer?

Marketers routinely make decisions about their products and advertising campaigns after carefully reading countless PowerPoint decks that feature bar graphs and pie charts illustrating everything they think they know about their target demographic.

But many CEOs, marketers and business people have grown so far away from their customers that they can no longer identify with the intricate details of their lives. And sometimes even the best PowerPoint deck can't communicate these nitty gritty moments of life.

Martin Lindstrom points out the importance of getting to know your customer base by actually spending time with them, in this fantastic piece on FastCompany.

(Looks like you're sleeping somewhere else tonight.) Photo: found on Fast Company, courtesy of RockyGirl

mmmm, bacon text.

You've undoubtedly seen work that your agency has produced for you prior to copy being written, and they'll use placeholder text to show how actual text might look in the piece.

It's an industry standard practice to use Lorem Ipsum, a Latin text with the words altered, so that it takes on no meaning.

Why should we be limited to Latin text, when there's something so much more tasty, available? That's the premise behind Bacon Ipsum - a placeholder text generator that makes the tastiest text you've ever read.

Here's some nice bacon text that I whipped up for you to enjoy this morning:

Bacon salami ribeye, pork loin sirloin venison shank ground round bresaola ham hock t-bone fatback. Strip steak t-bone cow bacon fatback, meatloaf flank beef rump tail shank short ribs. Jowl swine cow beef corned beef. Ground round sausage bacon salami swine, fatback tail venison shoulder chicken pastrami. Ribeye strip steak ball tip, short loin chuck ham hock pastrami rump tail t-bone beef ribs.

Aren't you hungry now?

my ass, open for business

Pretty sure this ad in Yass, Australia took on a different meaning than it was intended to. Sometimes contextual proofing is just as important as spell checking. Woops.

who says your building needs to look like one?

Who says your building can't look like something spit out of MarioCart?

Check out the workplace of Frog Queen - Prisma Engineering Headquarters in Austria. From afar it looks like a digital pixel house, but when you get real close (check out additional pics here) you'll see that it's made of thousands of circles and graphics of gears and cogs.

Pixel perfect.

do what you love

If you're arriving to work this morning at a place you despise, or in a role that makes you unhappy, here's another fantastic lesson from someone who has escaped the rotten life and went on to do what she loves.

Jessica Hische started Daily Drop as an assignment for herself, when she was in between projects. Something to keep her motivated, and inspired. It's since turned into one of the hottest design/art/typography blogs on the internets, drawing letterwork from designers across the globe. More importantly, it also serves as a calling card for Jessica, and delivers freelance work to her door on a regular basis.

Do what you love, and the rest will follow. Thanks, Eliza!
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