the most interesting tour in the world

Well, it's pretty cool anyway.

It seems like every brand in the world is doing a mobile tour these days. And if you've ever planned one, you know it's a challenge to come up with breakthrough, fun, and engaging reasons to make people to want to leave the house or office to go visit a branded truck. Then, if you're lucky enough to get people there, what's going to make them share their experience on Twitter and Facebook? Sure, food certainly is a motivator, but even that's beginning to be overused with all the food trucks out there.

That is, until Dos Equis came along with their awesomely gross "Feast of the Brave" taco truck tour, daring consumers to taste things like grasshopper or veal brain tacos and then share their ballsy experience with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Friends can even watch them down their creepy concoctions via a live feed on the Dos Equis Facebook page. Because, of course, how could you not want to brag that you just downed some cow tongue to your friends?

So, you salivating for some scorpions now? Well, unfortunately they just ended their NYC tour now, but I'm sure they'll plan a rollout if this one's the hit it seems to be.

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