meh, Brooklyn hipsters are poseurs

According to Google search, Minnesota is the heart of the hipster movement. Don't believe it? Buzzfeed has some pretty convincing evidence, though Exhibit D-H is somewhat baffling.

But, on behalf of sighing, apathetic Brooklynites I contest this conclusion. Maaaaybe Minnesotans are searching for hipster related terms because they want to learn how to be like real hipsters from Brooklyn, right?


Anonymous said...

The article uses an incorrect conclusion drawn from ambiguous data, and then attempts to substantiate that conclusion via circumstantial evidence.

If Minnesota really were the true epicenter of hipsters, then why would the good folk of Minnesota be searching to find out about hipsters. A true hipster does not need google to find out what a hipster is. A true hipster is.

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

AGREE! Exactly the same conclusion I made at the end. Totally lame.

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