the life of your other self

Ever imagine what your life would be like if you had chosen different paths along the way? Well, thanks to this awesome art installation, the Quantum Parallelograph by Patrick Stevenson-Keating, you can actually see what it would be like. Um, huh?

Yeah, quantum mechanics is awesome, but it's also ridiculously confusing and complex. So, filtering out all the super-smart geeky stuff, the theory being explored here is the world (and all the particles in it) are constantly splitting into different versions of itself that exist in parallel. So, essentially, there is a parallel universe to us with a whole other version of you living in it. Scary, right?

Well, this nifty creation combines Yahoo search results of your name with a complex database and some other nerdy magic to print out a description of what your alternate self has been up to. Hopefully it's not some super rich and more attractive version of yourself, because that would just be plain sad.

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