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Sure, we live in a digital world, supposedly print's dead, outdoor's not targeted, blah blah blah. With people making these arguments every single day, it has to be tough being an outdoor media company like Interbest Outdoor. That is until you whip out this incredibly effective billboard series by Y&R Not Just Film.

A super simple premise: The longer the billboard remained available, the more clothes this gross dude would strip off, always with the line "The sooner you advertise here, the better." He got to his skivvies before someone thankfully bought the space (phew). This is the latest in a series that's been in Amsterdam for a year, but apparently this one got the closest to the full "reveal" before someone bought the spot.

Freakin' genius!


Ben Kunz said...


However, if you read the data, outdoor is the second-fastest growing ad medium in the world after digital. There are several reasons why: people are still addicted to long commutes; outdoor has expanded into new formats (think airports, malls, etc., all "out of home); and the outdoor industry has done some very nice research on demos of the traffic with a new "eyes on measurement" approach, allowing buyers to target boards to demographic profiles, not just traffic counts.

I say all this to note that as we all get enraptured by digital, let's remember one purpose of advertising is to make an impression and get a message out. Giant displays by the side of the road work well in doing this, and should not be ignored as part of the campaign structure.

Pepsi is my favorite example -- it got buzz and kudos last year for avoiding the Super Bowl TV spots and moving money to its "Refresh" social media project. But at the same time Pepsi had one of the most massive outdoor buys in the U.S., with billboards on almost every street corner.

Outdoor, what can we say -- you still are worth love.

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

Yes Ben, I knew you'd especially love this post. Hence my "supposedly" and "blah, blah, blah" - the story is never as black & white as people say. ; )

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