how to get your dream job

You probably know by now that most jobs aren't advertised. And that there are a hundred thousand qualified people for every job that's open. So how do you find your dream job?

If you're in marketing, you use the very tactics that you'd recommend to clients every day. That's exactly what Graphic Designer and super marketer Josh Mishell is doing, in his Hey New Belgium You Should Hire Me website.

That's right - an entire website geared toward the one place where Josh really wants to work. And he clearly indicates why he's the most qualified person on earth to be working on their brand. New Belgium: your play.


Ashley said...

brash, yet respectful... The web would be much more entertaining if we all did this

Anonymous said...

Cool, but I would expect a marketing professional to do original work. This screams the "hire me headblade" campaign from 2009.

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