how much money do donation boxes make?

Did you ever wonder if those giant donation boxes that sit in the back of the parking actually do any good?

The Chicago Tribune does a detailed breakout of seven of non-profits with boxes in their area, with the full scoop on who makes what on discarded clothing. Some get phenomenal returns - and will make you wonder what they might pull if they were given a design makeover.

Maybe you should put one in the back of your parking lot, and start collecting. From @coudal


Executive Walls said...

We need an -Anti- donations box, we'll collect all the creativity from the worlds most -Anti- creators. Then we'll build our own industry.

Cool website, by the way.


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Brandi and Eddie said...

We enjoyed reading your blog, the donation boxes always did make me wonder. Good Stuff keep it coming.

Take Care B&E

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