have a tiny attention span?

Not to worry, Obtract, a new app by interactive designer Eric St. Onge, can help. This nifty little desktop app lets you choose which applications and websites are productive and which are distractions, then monitors your usage to help keep you on track.

Been productive for a long time span? You're rewarded with an automatic timed distraction (oh, like Facebook, Tumblr, and lolcats). But play around too much, and the app forces you to get back to work.

Not ready to go back to work yet? Well, the app will let you play longer, but first you have to solve a maze to ensure you're consciously making the decision to stay distracted. The more you want to be distracted, the harder the maze. So the question becomes, how bad do you really want to watch 30 videos of puppies, paper, and bubbles making babies laugh?

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