a fun branded experience - not an oxymoron

Generally speaking, digital campaigns that force some long, drawn out branded experience is an EPIC fail. No one wants to spend 10+ minutes clicking through some lame flash site to figure out the benefits of whatever the heck it is you're selling.

That being said, this campaign for Volkswagen in the UK gets a pass, because it's not only creative and well-designed, but it also incorporates infographics FTW.

The experience, called True Life Costs, has apparently been around for months now, but has recently become viral. The experience takes you on a Sunday drive through a cute little virtual town where you can click on buildings and other props to reveal fun and informative inforgraphics illustrating what the average person spends on various things like entertainment, clothes, utilities and of course, vehicles. Yep, there's the hard sell, because (of course) the claim is you'll spend less on a VW.

Regardless of the obvious sell (and long load times) the campaign is engaging. You can login using Facebook and adjust sliders based on your lifestyle to get more accurate averages, plus you can compare your spending with friends to see just how frugal or extravagant you really are.

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