coolest board game ever

With the popularity of shows like Mad Men and The Apprentice, it seems America is infatuated with the adversing industry. People watch these shows and think they could come up with fun ideas all day, while us folks in the business just shake our heads thinking, "yeah, if only it were that easy."

But thanks to this awesome board game by Fatima Kabba called The Pitch, you can now challenge friends and family to see if they truly do have some real advertising chops.

The game works pretty much just like an agency. One player is designated as a creative director who briefs the team. Team members get a designated amount of time to brainstorm and sketch up their ideas to present to the creative director. The team member with the best idea gets awarded the points and the game progresses with a few twists and turns along the way that are typical in the agency world.

So sure, this game is pretty much your every day life, but how fun would it be to see what your friends and family come up with? Maybe you can even borrow a few of their ideas for your real clients, we won't tell!

If this sounds awesome to you, you can support Fatima on Kickstarter to get this game into production.


Elliot Van Hunkerdubkle said...

This seems fun. Maybe not a very full fleshed game and more like a "Have a good idea and you win" type of game. I'll be sure to check it out though.

Unknown said...

hi all frnds

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