when artists and brand designers collide

When Cincinnati branding agency, Landor Associates, was looking for some creative inspiration, they decided to reach out to their employees to ask which local artists inspired them. What they discovered led them to reach out to five local artists to create beautiful window installations around some of their clients' brands including Cheer, Sour Patch Kids, Crest, and Old Spice.

Once the installations were complete, branding teams used the artists' designs as inspiration for their new package designs for each respective brand.

This unique collision of artists and brand designers has been appropriately coined SMASHUP Creative and is part of the Renaissance campaign started by Landor Associates back in 2009 to encourage employees to step away from their desk, go out into their community, and be inspired by art.

This is pretty much a circle of awesomeness where all parties benefit. Local artists get publicity and association with major brands, brand designers get creative inspiration, clients get awesome work, and the community gets beautiful window art! Sweet!

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build on your own lot said...

Really you have done a good job, Beauty is an essential building function -- It certainly should be. I agree with Alexander that buildings should make you feel comfortable. If we are to make the correlation between buildings and nature, I think many would agree of the inherent beauty in nature. Could/should/ought our buildings reflect that same beauty. Nature is so very functional, yet beautiful too. Thanks for giving this great post.

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