tweet a game changer

Combine six creative and curious friends from Costa Rica who love gaming and love social media and awesomeness ensues. This awesomeness is called TweetLand and what is does is pretty revolutionary.

Essentially TweetLand is a virtual home to a variety of games that take what's happening in the Twitterverse and brings it into your game play. Yep, it pulls in your (or any) twitter feed, takes the content of those tweets and works it into your game play. If someone tweets about being in traffic, your game play now takes place in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Tweet about hate, and get in a shooting match. Whoa, can you imagine the database to power that?!

Want to play now? Then put your money where your mouth is, 'cuz they're up on Kickstarter ready to go. Oh, and it's in 8-bit-like goodness, so even more reason to make it happen.

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