turning business upside down

Gigaom has a fantastic post about the launch of Kevin Smith's new film Red State. This is a super awesome example of how the film industry (and business in general) doesn't have to be run in the same way it's been done in the past.

Kevin Smith has managed to put his film in the black, months before its actual theatrical release. He did this by switching up the release and distribution plan after the original investors turned him down. Granted his fame brought something grand to the process, but regardless, he approached the marketing process differently, and it worked.

What's in your industry, just waiting to be turned upside down?


Anonymous said...

it worked because he's kevin smith and has a pre-existing fan base.

would it work for a newb?

darryl ohrt said...

Exact same scenario - definitely not. There are countless indie film makers who have tried the same, taking their films from festival to festival.

But here's the thing - Kevin Smith took everything he had available to him (including his fame, and unbelievable presentation talents) and approached the system in a different way.

I found this inspiring. We're all locked in our own worlds and industries, and have our own talents and resources - but not many of us actually look past "the way things have always been done." Love it when people do.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply and totes agree. trying to unlock my world but keep breaking hairpins.

kevin smith should just stick to talking, or film himself telling stories and stop making movies. his story about meeting Prince is so awesome.

darryl ohrt said...

Agree! Kevin's story about meeting Prince is one of my favorite things on the internet.

jenna page said...

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Unknown said...

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Mike Johnson said...

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