this app rocks, in bed

Look, we're all grown adults here, but sometimes things like farts, drinking games, and adding the words "in bed" after your fortune cookie fortune is just plain fun. Sealy, the mattress company, agrees and that's why they made this silly little smartphone app that lets you add "in bed" to any of your photos. So go ahead, go take some innocent picts and them turn 'em into something dirty, because "whatever you do, Sealy supports it."

Thanks @ElizaWord!


Cory O'Brien said...

I love the idea behind the app, but I hate the execution. If the app just added "in bed" to photos, EVERYONE would use it and send them around to their friends. However, Sealy decided to slap their logo in the middle of every photo, severely decreasing its fun factor and pass along value. Instead, what they should have done is created a branded microsite that frames each photo, similar to how Instagram displays their photos when you share one through social channels, and put their branding there. Then, they would still get a lot of exposure, but they would also get use from people who don't want the Sealy logo in all of their funny photos.

darryl ohrt said...

TOTALLY agree. I blame an account person.

Kristien Del Ferraro said...

Yuck, didn't see the logo in there. Agree it would be way better without it!

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