think your production schedule is tight?

What if you had to produce a new spot, for each and every day in the year? Including weekends? 365 commercials in one year. That's exactly what IKEA is up to.

If you've ever said "we need more time" or "this is impossible on this timeline", you could probably learn a thing or two from agency Lemz, who shoot 15 spots a day, and pushed everything through a lightning fast creative process to deliver 365 spots over the course of a year.

More importantly, this video clip also demonstrates that many of us have been pronouncing IKEA wrong. Or maybe there's a new fancier way to say it, like people do with the brand Jaguar. So much to learn from the makers of Billy, Lack and Fintorp.


Anonymous said...

just so you know, its not a fancy way of saying IKEA, it's pronounced that way in Sweden (basically pronounce like this EKEA).

darryl ohrt said...

Thanks, Anon! Glad to hear that Ikea isn't getting all fancy with themselves.

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