rarr, hiss to Facebook

Ya know that mom on your Facebook friend's list that constantly brags about how awesome her baby is? Yeah, your kid's a freakin' prodigy because he said Da Da today. Whatever, he was probably burping. Or the friend that only seems to post when he has achieved some big accomplishment, is taking an exotic vacation, or just bought some hot new toy? Yeah, we all hate those people.

So, it's probably no surprise to see the number of women that admitted they get incredibly annoyed with their Facebook friends in this latest survey from Eversave. It doesn't seem fair that they make it a catty woman thing though, because I'm willing to bet that just as many men would answer the same, maybe even more.

So, question is, which one of these Facebook suspects are you?

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Åsk Dabitch said...

Something about this research really rubs me the wrong way - they ask only women, and they ask them to pick between stereotypical behaviour. Like, duh. Surprise the results are predictable.

I have a few guy pals that fit the "pretty life" stereotype, he only ever posts photographs of him and his top model-girlfriend when they are at exotic locations holding drinks, from the perfect angle in their artist apartment, or of him when he's looking moody in nice candle-light arty shots. The other photos are press clippings and updates of how his career is going. It's quite endearing, actually. Just makes you want to pet him on the head and go "that's nice dear".

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