qr codes that add to the experience

The majority of QR codes are a ridiculous waste of space, placed in ads by agencies without a clue. (Really, there's no cell service on the NY subway)

But every once in a while, someone super creative comes up with a clever use for the codes that actually add value to the user experience. Such is the case for SF Bio, a chain of movie theaters in Sweden.

This outdoor ad is made up of hundreds of QR codes. Scan the correct one, and you win. That's how QR does awesome.


Anne said...

Saw the NY subway stuff w/codes a few months ago & have been using THAT as my "waste of space" reference. Great article!

Ben Kunz said...

I've been very skeptical of QR Codes, but once I started using them found them slightly addictive.

My bet is simpler services such as Zoove may give QRs a run for the money, since they are more easily adopted by older populations used to calling, not photo/app linking...

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